When Obama Cries

I would ask you this, when your criticism mounts,

do you remember your own tears?

When President Obama shows real tears,

is there a moment when we wonder about ourselves,

when human nature responds with emotion,

we enjoy, we love, we relish the opportunity

to point out our weak society.

When the Newtown tragedy was discussed in your own home,

were there tears, do  you remember,

did you block that part out only because you couldn’t possibly

agree with the truth?

Do you remember the first time your mother told you it is ok,

to cry.

To cry in public,

to recognize we are human beings and sadness when on display

could be powerful beyond display.

Do you understand passion, I believe President Obama wants you to.

Think about your last cry, and honor the beauty of peace

of mind and body.

Think about what leadership means when emotion is honorable.

Sad Lives

These are the strangers, we pass them by,

and teach the children,

while they are still sequestered to hold our hand,

please never speak to the


yet, while we stroll by,

look and stare, and judge and define,

like mom and dad,

so that when you grow older,

you won’t nearly have the same trepidation,

toward judging those around you,

because your value system has gradually,

over time,

milkshakes, animated cartoons, muppets,

Sesame Street letter, numbers and cookies,

all lessons bringing our reality together.


Forget about what’s inside,

at least while someone is watching,

especially a stranger nearby,

sad lives.

Mental Anguish

When I measure my stressors I am generally alone

Without any solace from my own personal fears

Ever really think about that?

I mean, really?

Think about that on a more personal level

Rather than maybe, perhaps, oh say,


For that’s where a lot of us like to remain

Deep inside our heads where no one

No one real can step in and take away our

Mental anguish.


We sometimes on a spectacular day choose

Particular moods

Quiet times

Times we like to remain alone

Some times

Simply stay alone even on a sunny day

That day spilling energy for our taking

We choose to remain wrapped up forever

Struggling and wondering and struggling

To understand instead of reprimand our

Mental anguish.


Ever wonder what it might feel like to own

Ourselves rather than cry upon the unknown …

I Could Lie Awake

When nightfall becomes apparent

I could lie awake

Hopeful, wistful, clearly drawn

By life’s little choices


I might

Watch a movie

Read a book

Notice an argument

Quiet in my repose

While the world continues to evolve

Wondering just how far

The mind will reach


This moment

This hour

On this day


What is it that becomes any different

Triggers a response

A dead celebrity

A notion in the mind

What drives our lives

To be hopeful to train our souls to recognize

The mind

Just as it is now in the moment

That is the now

That now

The immediacy of our lives

Is the NOW


I could lie awake

And feel less compelled

To apologize

Than when I lay asleep