Tag: elegant

This Elegance We Embrace

We all do it,

finding our rhythm,

finishing a silence,

walk into an art gallery

a posturing room,

full-length graphics mixing relics

modern day scenes,

they’re in today’s statement look

men perhaps some bravado to

set the tone

yet the arts

only exist as our creative soul

would allow delight

to capture our eye

a visual walkway,

certain an

outlet, a freedom

in the arts, is poised

this is an elegance, awaits our eyes.

© Thom Amundsen 12/2021

Thoughts In Night

2 o’clock in his pjs

thoughts of her cross his mind

What value is the past,

when sad events present.


If for a reason

might she respond

the gathering emotion

ducks in a pond.


They would migrate

together he would land

she smiles her elegant state

together, no remand.


If friend might know

what hammer of just

would reckon its row

no time to adjust.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

When Nature Steps In

We are eager like the children we once began our lives

when outside we feel the changing seasons begin a cry

suggest for a time everything motivates our mind revives

itself in the cool winter air, as Mother Nature stops by


For a moment we will stop and watch the descent of beauty

in colorful rays as the atomic nature of energy begins to sigh

when once before a moral hardship might offer less security

tonight, I’m excited to know there will be no other reason why.


I can feel my lonely body anticipate the changing of the guard

a certain smile has me overcome with anticipation of morning

while we prepare our lives to meet the newly christened yard,

we’ll chuckle as all our lives this rite of passage keeps returning.


I want to watch while the sky in methodical thrust covets my why

I wish to by evening know we will swift be layered by Nature’s sigh


A technique in artistry

Raised impression


Brings a moment to life

We see the beauty


In a master’s hands

Elegant lines


Always a story

Being told


In Webster’s words

Or Collier


A comic moment

Is designed


To break the tension

Ease the mind


And today I glance freely

The western sky


And recognize the beauty

Of a common sunset


The relief of another day

Provides a setting


Tonight I appreciate beauty

In human kindness