Elegance in Shadows

When in a distant harmony

could imagine a spiritual agony

While the world exists around me

I think of you to know you’re free


No longer is a romantic tangle

draw upon your heart’s sweet mingle.

For I am only a memory, one that

could certainly bring slow reckoning.


She walks an eloquent step in grace

without the night her sweet embrace

can draw my eyes to a prettily wed

wardrobe includes signature red


Will always protect her from the rains

that city wise routine with refrains.

We would share love together than

allow our lives be separated often.


I am reminded of the shaded mystery

her mystique would carry so worthy

I only want to see her walk again

tonight in the foggy rain of memory


If only short a dream in Parisian eyes

would I set her free to show my wise



Elegance Revisited on a Summer Lawn


Sweet summer sounds begin night’s revelry

We gather newly, friends of every

walk of life distant paths did create

a journey that brings us here to this date.

Scan sure across the lawn and see each new

smile, response, laughter suggests we all knew

one another in time, another place

when life moved fast, our hearts barely at pace.

Visions complete alluring escapade

her eyes appear, are met by shadowed shade

A sudden stir captures the minions,

sweet elegance presents your white linens

I can only watch your beauty in grace

while everyone near, forgets our embrace.

Deer Sighting


Traveling a winter highway at nigh,

they began a couple at a time,

lovely, graceful, dancing with a why,

could there be beauty so sublime.


A couple more and then some more

I was able to slow down to observe

the beauty of a small herd of four,

yet, some more would that I swerve.


On the highway, checked my rear

to see the lights noticed my slow

I was delighted to see so many deer

a total of nine, all following whole.


We can pause our human interactions

to delight in Nature, a lovely distraction.


photo found on Google images

The 24th Hour

She says I listen to corny songs,

I laugh knowing she’s so right

yet I can’t help enjoy nostalgia

leaves me helpless to lovely times


I might be sitting in the meadow

with your head in my lap

a beautiful sun streaming in

and me clueless to your beauty


we talk of beauty being surreal

a sort of imaginative perspective

and only then can we realize

a world is beautiful in the moment


I remember that day just holding

you, while your eyes smiled at me,

we could have sat through a setting

sun and a rising moon, every hour.

White Caps Weave

Lake Superior 4/1/2015

Lake Superior 4/1/2015


The trance of your cadence is marvelous

steady, always climbing silent new walls

yet we might hear your cry to recall us

a treat to our eyes, with each white cap falls


upon rock, mixing soil, leave sign of rife

battle internal released in shallow.

Long ago mothers recall quiet life

with now a soul you garnered in gallows,


scream wind a spiritual compass within

leaves our naked eyes curious while we seek

new lives, next days, in sound waves to begin

stronger response in Her grasp of the meek.


Share this wonder rampant in earthly rhyme

Our heartbeat will you gracious measure time

Eagle Sighting


Today’s eagle bold fly, in the cold blue,

naked elegance sees the world with sway,

I wondered maybe at that time, just who

surrends soul’s symbolic gesture today


Sweet soaring visionary swoop the sky

cast shadow upon a sunlit landscape,

this creature of flight did soon notice I

became their prey prayful without escape.


When our natural energy will ring

we venture toward a question of purpose

how is it today together we bring

peace; love our lives, speak slow, our impetus


Today’s eagle bold fly, in the cold blue,

Swift serenity we welcome the view.

Live Long Lives – A Sonnet


We wait, anticipate a reckoning day,

while minutes and hours, sweet time and weeks

pass, lives breathe a continuum’s foray

descending into valleys, climbing peaks.

What is that which is out of our control?

Looms often, sweeps sweet, truth is, yes, at hand,

Our desire to know peace, beautiful

becomes lost in greedy needs we command.

When have we held the actual passion,

serene in love, humility’s magic.

Bearing down on ritual’s progression,

a constant, knowing life can be tragic.

Within the scope of mortality’s chance

Show glowing fervor, speak with elegance.