Standing Alone

When I was a child, I could feel the rain

if I stepped outside to wait for the clouds

I understood the elements could carry

a wonderful weight on a summer’s day.

I remember that day as a child, my mother

would call me in from the rain, to serve

me a soup, maybe chicken noodle with

a glass of milk, the fire nearby warmed.


Yesterday I became a young man alone,

without her guidance, or his stable eyes.

I could be the person I always was

just now, I needed to understand life

had taken away my sage, my rock, my

inspiration to live my life correctly in peace.

Though, I was able to enjoy freedom words

that created new worlds beyond my eyes.


Today i notice there are people parting

our lives, readying themselves for the next

journey beyond this physical world. Alone,

they left quiet, in peace, a final resting place.

We can all appreciate the beauty our elders

bring to our lives with their wisdom and calm.

We can live our lives today, standing alone,

knowing hearts so strong are moving forward.

Remember Being Young

Certain pleasure existed as we ran

Throughout our homes as lovely children plan.

Life for youngsters and forever designs

By freedom and love, and wonderful signs.


Pure concept of love is not tangible

We measure lives by those we find able,

Who fill our hearts with memory and sage

That certain nature of gathering age.


When now in the years that fly an august

Reminds our lives of the balance we just

Hope will return our innocence, and free

Binds that fear God’s plan in the now, as we


Bid adieu faithful prayer of our elders

Who guide our lives with passion’s, forever