An Easter Sunday Prayer

I would wish we might all love,

if only for the hours of this day,

turn to one another,

the fear we even imagine in doing so,

be put aside,

for we are all wanting to show effort

toward recognizing our own

sense of balance

in knowing

there is a special bond,

a reality,

a certain wanton risk perhaps

answered when

in unison


looking in each other’s eyes,

we might know love.

For I haven’t the foggiest notion

who wrote the book,

beyond the letters, the words,

the sayings, the famous and infamous remarks,

I haven’t any knowledge beyond

my own response,

my reaction,

my longing to understand

when humanity

might let themselves


upon the beauty of each other

without the urgency of reward,

oh then,

there might be grace in the certainty

of celebration,

for we are

one love,

we are



Happy Easter everyone! Please, peace!

Across The World


We celebrate together in a charm

A love in wonder spoken free

With added tease in morning alarm

The children horde their candy


Such little cause to worry of their greed

Youthful ambition, the search

The plastic spheres is only their need

While the world arrives in church.


Inside the facade of precious childhood

We do protect, we wish only love

A world around crumbles a neighborhood

In the cooing mist of lovely dove.


A pain exists that frightens innocence

On Easter day we pray that life has chance