Getting Along Together

Sharon Cummings

Terrace Gallery  © Sharon Cummings



We could be a couple

if your hair wasn’t black;

your eyes are brown

doesn’t work for me.

Yet, wait, they, her, my

parents taught me

that such truths are lies.


We could be together

with our hearts a-swell

living in the moment

loving one another.

Yet, wait, they, her, my

word the world just

doesn’t want to know.


We could have a family

learn to sow the land,

share each other’s language,

melodic and unique.

Let’s live together

in everyone’s Earth;

let Nature be our cure.

An Easy Day

A storm looms on the distant horizon

Life goes forward no matter the reason.


Days like this create a slow odd reaction.

Some faint hope belittles our need for action,


Looms in the simple mind of a wanderer,

In hopes the travel will dissuade the bother;


Leaving allowance for error and human – kind

When the reality of identity comes to mind.


Step inside our world. A semantic sweet soul

Knowing, acting, believing, feeling almost whole


Lives in a fluid panic, nearly a constant fear

Wondering if anywhere falls a peaceful tear


Each day waking to the constant progression,

Knowing might only their lives survive this session.


We believe the true nature of our internal demons

Will merit only pain, we ask to discard the sermons,


We venture forth, alone and disrobed of our dignity

Reeling in social angst, trudging the burden of self-pity,


If only once, the earth suddenly shifted gears in time

The poignant currents of love, then surely speak sublime.

Unable to Land

This is a dark cavern

like a dream.

Travel in a descent,

the walls are cold and icy


into a long black hole.

A foreboding anxiety

rests on shoulders

knowing only some faith

will allow

a waking moment.

Speed is remarkable

when caught in the cyclone

drifting aimless

wanting only to step off …


Open your eyes

see the wonder

life has offered

on opportunity

floating in space

all fears might erase

that backstory

the narrowing tube

looked like life

might suffocate

your dreams.

Now we are floating

gravity is a notion

as we fly throughout this

open cavern

Now the only concern


where to land.

Game Changers


When I was a kid

If a girl wanted to …


Romance …

I sometimes recall those moments

Took courage rather than a quick,

If ever I believed in your beauty

I needed to show up on your door …


Today …

Tell me if it is difficult to know,

To recognize a person is real

By a snapchat that disappears

With the reality of a possibility …


Yesterday …

I could sit in bed and delight

Knowing the smile you left me

As we stepped away at school

How lovely you might be in your…


Privacy …

A world that in my imagination

Remained sacred containing

Only the beauty and elegance

My fantasy might create …


World …

Every device in our hands

At our fingertips gives us time

To connect across the universe

And yet our human condition …


Imagine …

“You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one…”      -Lennon


Passion …

Years ago my sister taught me

This word is bigger than it sounds

We have an opportunity to live

We have a responsibility to give …


Music …

It drives our lovely soul and body

I move as my words hit the paper

I feel with a delicious responsive

Desire to be real, and live life free …


We continue to recreate the wheel, we will

In our vanity, our fears, our … planetary ills

The Silence Came

That moment

When the thunder ceases

A split second of after thought

We realize we are alone

The distractions

The conventions

The humanity

All of the realistic happenings have now


And we’re alone


Thinking about how we might

What could possess

Which option wills our mind

How far can we go again

Until the noise begins again

A low deep resounding


Far off in the distant horizon

We always

Know it is there

Coming again

To remind ourselves that just when

We began to believe

We could surpass

The moment

The skies will light up

A reactive avalanche of His grace

We settle in for the night

Wishing the skies might change color

Or the eastern sunlight

Suddenly become the moon

And water … well

Always leaves me curious again

Earth in Physical Motion

Imagine from a distance, a scene of motion

Constantly moving parts all drawn together

Each glance seems similar surrounding itself

Concrete and asphalt are crawled upon walls


Eyes never venture close enough to realize

The actual notions that will intermingle

With token reprisals of driven energy

All labeled some aspect of our humanity


Yet out here from some safe distance

Among the stars and distant galaxies

A certain peace exists with little scrutiny

Beyond a passing meteor; chunks of reality


If life were meant to be a painful reminder

What visual reason exists beyond our normal