Me and My Dog

Clever how we begin

a reminiscent

wave of emotion

rolls through our mind.

Tonight while I lay alone

avoiding that


this runny nose

that freaks me out

leaves me wonder

how might I ever take care of

my dog.

All we have is

an affection

loyal in a soft fur

lays next to me

winter night.

I am alone

though this is ok

love another day

for so does he,

me and my dog

©️ Thom Amundsen 11/2020

While Anxiety Will Surge

Someone might remind kindness,

our soul may arise from the depths

of a shadowed past, preventing present

its opportunity to thrive

inside the worrisome reality of this pandemic,

our Covid moments, turn months into years,

stopping our normalcy,

creating a new reality,

one so often overlooked until suddenly today,

we do stand alone,

looking through our own shuttered windows,

a silent in the winds of a night with crisp winter

looming upon decency,

the ability to see through the forest

the quiet meadow where all of our lives,

were once spent holding one another,

and then there is today,

I watched the sunset tonight,

dog at my side

dog at my side

dog at my beck and call,

please stay by my side.

˙© Thom Amundsen 11/2020

If Only He Might Follow Me




If only,

I might begin to understand,

he would follow me,

I would certain traverse the land,

to be sure,

he might follow me.

If only

in the world ahead of us all,

we could predict

when just before the fall,

what energy, what source of nature,

could give us hope,

could allow us to maybe find peace.

I gaze upon a world I little understand,

beyond the beauty of landscape and freedom,

that freedom is the land I would seek,

to know the truth,

to recognize in a bold, austere fashion,

that in our dignity,

I could choose a stance,

he might recognize, perhaps cherish,

knowing I have protected him,

with loyal abandon of any obstacle.

If only in his pain,

he might see ahead what I can see.

If only he might follow me.