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Quiet Roads

The crunch of gravel

kicking up dust

from a distance looks like


some need to get away

keeps driving me further.

Wanting to know

yet feeling the distance,

her just out of reach


Just one more chance

the embodiment

of truth

may lay only ahead

never to be realized

yet likely it is

already known.

©️ Thom Amundsen 1/2021

Always An Urgency

We talked about the human condition,

how certain tendency

would remain years later,

the same,

decades of programmed imagination,

falling into the same pattern

some unforgotten imprinting of our soul.


Yet tonight as I stand here

on the same ledge of forty years ago,

I wonder what really has changed,

oh there is the picture that I once did create

together not alone,

altered forever now

with only speculate conclusion.


Tonight I wonder of deception,

the loss of meaning,

the further resounding defeat of purpose,

when two people no matter

still become lost in their own travel,

having let go of the other

until just a glance inside the wake

of every cresting wave,

when then they do disappear

no longer seeing …

© Thom Amundsen 2/2020

Finding My Way

While I listen,

I watch hands that will flail,

a purpose, a manner, a passionate desire,

to know, to understand,

we reach for our grasp,

our cathartic tour through life,

some sojourn, a journey, for some a quiet discard,

from whence we came.

I wonder though about hands,

how defined are we really,

where do the surprises come from,

state of mind,

state of hypocrisy,

a societal dreamscape

carries the weight of that which we have


I’d like to know peace,

if that is something we can stroll toward,

with every sound around us,

whether the beautiful chord of gee,

or a vibration, some energy beyond

our narrow scope.

I would then find solace,

this could soon be my piece

Been Away Again

Just yesterday I realized

I needed to come home again,

I have been away for such a long time,

I travel alone, yet the miles are forever.

Remember that time you asked why,

I cried in front of everyone then,

I laughed afterward when alone

I could easily go away, gone again.

While the skies begin to slowly green

I watch the world around me

I see them all living their lives,

I wonder if they’d even recognize …

I might need to go away then, again,

that’s when soon the departure began.

Slipping Further

© Ester Rogers Photography
© Ester Rogers Photography

We know the mist

when in a morning of indecision,

glance further, hope for a sign,

yet we walk in wander seeing the same.

On an occasional daybreak,

we recognize fog,

a surreal enveloping storm of breeze,

teasing the ground,

to allow our mind to imagine,

a surreal perhaps spiritual mystique.

Speak of its beauty,

in delightful tones,

without any worry,

we watch the heat of morning

soon melt away its special fabric,

and go about our day.

Yet, deep inside the wandering,

when life has allowed us to travel,

beyond the normalcy of time,

into a reflection clouded by judgment,

its there we begin to feel

certain descents, perhaps ghouls

would inhabit our lonely minds.

There in the deep forest

where damp bark in wet soils,

we recall a need to hang on

perhaps use that alternate route,

we might see the distance,

without ever having to experience,

the certain beauty of losing one’s mind.

Crossing Paths – Haiku



When do we know now

after all the love and hope

did our paths just cross


I thought I found you

Is it the right thing to do

selfish destiny


the map pointed clear

I was looking at your world

now the pages change


letters were written

a time of peace and romance

life tore the parchment


could you find me then

lost in fog my hope; you may

escape my memoir


simple is hello

guide my heart and soul to you

lives change love remains

Distance in Sight

I walked to my usual spot

there was a distance

I knew I was hidden but seen

just wanted to say hello to you

every day, every hour, every minute

right now when you step outside

begin your walk around the block

leaving the office behind

I waited for a look

knowing you wouldn’t glance

for what you didn’t want to see.

The pain was real, confusing, stark

all around the world continued

while ours had changed.

I only realized years later

the imposition

the burden

careful scrutiny on your part

to keep our distance in sight.


Wanton passions cause words to desire human touch

I do imagine you as you are

Only fabric teases your now aroused skin in as much

As my desire seeks your eyes

Miles away I might only recall key strokes that suggest

Dialogue leaves no one alone

Yet in the moment the reality of distance leaves just

Unrequited, surreal notions

The human mind has a vitriolic desire to right itself

Counting upon thought defined

Hopeful the romantic urgency would allow a wealth

Of feeling and desire, that lust

That drives the spirit that writhes the human condition

We all drive the same auto

Seek spiritual solace, senses alive in this simple tradition

Natural beauty is elegant too

All of our capacity to draw the fires of delicious dance

Without the usual verbal traps

Large scale interwoven displays – modern love’s chance

Instant snapshots; time-lapse