When Pain Is Real

No longer is a possibility an afterthought

No deeper can our hearts be further fraught

No more, no more,

We cannot circumvent our cursory passion.


When pain is real, oft consequence the lesser

Paralytic feature while truths shield the confessor

The breathing banter

Escapes with certainty, a frightening fashion.


While judgment acts svelte in universal cloak,

The mind, that human anxiety will love evoke

Takes over with a rigor

Unmatched by an innocence lost in decision.


What really happens when a heart is left broken,

Who might define the brevity of such misfortune.

Sitting Amongst Each Other


We are all here,

together again in the same room,

we walk different paths,

together we need directions,

though if face you in the eye

suddenly that desperation,

fear that mocks our very sanity

steps inside my realm,

tweaks the moment …

where did all the peace go,

that just minutes before exists,

when we don’t, we can’t, perhaps we’re just not ready,

to look one another in the eye again,

If only for a split-second,

a time frame no one can really allow a measure,

perhaps just then,

when I glanced your way,

you might see me,


Perhaps I am just hoping,

yet, I find it a far better angle,

than to remain terrified of that which

I haven’t any idea

sits nearby,

peaceful, like.

Mental Anguish

When do we decide we have had enough

we try to maintain a smile

let’s really go the extra mile

yet in a tick, a clock, a measure

hearts are broken

the mending becomes part of the confusion.

How did we get here

why did we decide at this moment

to turn our world upside down

rather than go with the flow

be mechanical

soothe the natural soul

rather than create


extend belief

suspend all matter of reality.

We did that once,

and it worked out pretty well.

I wish for the moment,

I might rely upon those seconds

that ticked today

so somehow the vision

might look a little different

than a lethal lesion

one that suggests ignorant

worlds collide with safety zones

anytime we wish to be noted.

Yet, that notice is what

creates the mental anguish!