Deer Sighting


Traveling a winter highway at nigh,

they began a couple at a time,

lovely, graceful, dancing with a why,

could there be beauty so sublime.


A couple more and then some more

I was able to slow down to observe

the beauty of a small herd of four,

yet, some more would that I swerve.


On the highway, checked my rear

to see the lights noticed my slow

I was delighted to see so many deer

a total of nine, all following whole.


We can pause our human interactions

to delight in Nature, a lovely distraction.


photo found on Google images

Have I Mentioned

How beautiful people really are,

when we strip away the teflon,

discard all of our preconceptions,

we allow the door to open rather than

having to listen from behind …

we stand before one another as we are,

without any pretense.

Have I mentioned how easily forgotten

can be that glorious catharsis

when suddenly the world seems right,

with a spring day,

a hot summer morning when Earth’s energy motivates

our own physicality,

that heart and soul of who we are

to bless ourselves without favored denomination,

and simply live, breathe, and certainly


That’s That!

Again, we’re at a crossroads with our values

waiting for someone to show us the way

wishing no one’s judgment that we must eschew

good tidings on all of our demons that sway

freely our state of mind.

Yesterday, I used to believe in certain freedoms;

a lifestyle that allowed many outlets of desire

to wreak havoc upon my own ideal idioms,

those beautiful notions that cause me to aspire,

when needing to unwind.

I might imagine a quiet afternoon siesta

with the one I love, a term we use loosely

discovering dilemna during a dramatic fiesta

of personal delight; I might cry profusely

knowing life is just a grind.

Today only now while strong I do try to recall

how far I’ve traveled beyond that world

that used to live to guide me naive toward a fall

one step away from having my brain twirled

across the universe blind.

In the morning again we speak upon merits,

those motives will echo our heart’s response

to societies triggers, those endearing carrots

of lovely windows; displays in quiet sconce

a world in love without …

In a word, that’s that!