Circus Clowns

When I was a kid,

the circus came to town,

I remember not liking the stench,

being afraid of the clown.

I think there’s any sort of trepidation,

when we see a showcase that hides the truth.

I grew up to recognize

a lot of the wise

sort of character playing clowns we see,

tend to look at their lives through a glass of misery.

I wonder sometimes,

if in these our such turbulent times,

we Americans,

the accentuate freedom living human beings,

I wonder if we do,

understand the policy of clowns.

I watched a gavel of idiocy last night,

on national television,

free speech and lunacy,

we were all able to turn it off if we chose,

I stayed with it only to allow myself,

the opportunity to speak of clowns today,

to hope we all might take a breath and pause,

I wonder if we know waking up the dead,

will set us back a century.

Happy ‘whateveryouwantittobe’ day,

(something about Black history month here ___ )

month, year, hour we forgive our calculative nation.

Happy to be back at the circus today.

I always hated that three ring debacle of stench.

Still do, still do, still holding on to


Feeling Knives

While taking a walk
I left your conversation behind
I never looked back
I didn’t want to visualize first hand
Knives in flight
My back exposed
I don’t know if you were smiling
Curious, I’d rather know directly I suppose
What happens beyond my eyes
I’ve been told
I ought never know
Vacant stares; quiet mystique
Remember those expressed
Deepest fears
Have you ever felt like
Life remained exposed
Beyond your safest dreams
We all have stories that we can share
We might just caution our greatest fear