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The Passing, of a Day

When begins insurmountable


the waking anxiety,

a desire to burrow

rather than the music of the day.


We all seemingly rise to

a pattern

so familiar, oddly routine,

sometimes forgetting

simple beauty.


Our lives caught up in the now,

my mother used to say,

he’s a now

person referring to life,

whenever my depression would fail me.


Inside the passing

of hours

a remarkable dream,

perhaps a positive

an outcome of smiles.


Inside the passing of a day,

so much magic

allows the human condition

to love,

to understand, to breathe, to live.

Constant Simplicity

Rather than exhausting energy

quiet the mind at sunrise,

a day of relaxation

to gather in the threads


Of a puzzle of fabric

holding trees together,

only meant for a tired body

to swing, to lounge, to nap


Under a streaming light’s presence,

without a worry on our mind,

except to look at life naturally.

We do give ourselves a panic,


A need to understand,

to fix, to change, to validate,

when really all we can do,

is be who we are in the moment.


Rather than try to figure out

the laws of human nature,

might we instead sit down

for a minute of leisure.


I wanted to tell you again

how much I miss your smile,

your words, your wisdom

are all fond memory today.


If today the pavement

my feet caress for miles,

may that be my only stress,

carry the mind along for the ride.

Daybreak Solitude

daylight outside my window 2

Glance to the sky nature stream light

the day ahead soft, serene, only alive

a wisp of breeze tests tree limb’s might

speak silent inside a  dream we thrive


To know a world we exist in with material

only awaits our action without expectation

this is absolute reality without the surreal

nature of knowing, without fear, trepidation


Mind wakeful in recognition, this opportunity

as a hummingbird will peaceful alight its nectar

so might our own testing the ware of humanity

seek a challenge to breathe freely now the victor


Inside the grace of this sunlight’s brilliant release

Welcome energy, today we live with sweet peace.