Five Days, Five Photos: Day One – On Diversity

Hi everyone, I’m starting this challenge as inspired by an intriguing blogger – dancing echoes – who has provided much interest with her writing over the few months I have encountered her. Lately I have been looking for some trigger to get my writing back in motion. My work has seemed rather stale, and maybe this is the push I need to get my ideas flowing again. I’m choosing ‘Diversity’ as my caveat as that is of fundamental interest to me these days … the photoshop work below is that of Rebecca Moore – I credit her picture below, takes you directly to her site …

© Rebecca Moore

© Rebecca Moore

We wonder about sibling rivalry,

who bests the other with a glance,

a posture,

a family friend who prefers the other,

not me,

maybe you,

we can never really know, yet in a picture,

we might wonder why.

They both look quite endearing,

they are children,

the vulnerable souls,

yet we’re speaking about more tonight.

We talk of a new society,

a grouping of souls that get along,

understand one another,

or at least, at the very least,

they respect one another.

Yet when I glance at these two siblings,

the picture it suggests,

is one is there, in the forefront,

probably always has been,

and the other,

the young man we won’t know again in ten years,

well he might just be,

wondering how she became that focal point …

from that day on.


There’s my day one. I hope I did it right … I now nominate Souldier Girl and will see you tomorrow with my second installment …