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Turning Toward Time



When we race for that which we embrace,

the notion of our lives seems to last forever,

its when we let go, step off, rearrange, justify,

we lose sight upon what is the actual time.


I know this person,

they’ll go unnamed,

could touch a heart

suggest a part …


We do forget quickly from where we came,

having built roadblocks, walls, pervasive fears,

instead of understanding,

we’d quickly run away, face the danger another day.


It pisses me off that occasionally I might say a word,

then later have it used against my desires rather than the listener

understanding all my meaning is for their own

peace of mind.


The race against having all the time in the world,

so easily lost in the battle of knowledge of truth.

Breathe In

Salvador Dali

When that time arises to value our lives

let the day arrive with all ifs fanfare.

When the twinge of nostalgia might overwhelm,

may cause inside our hearts

a tear, a sadness, a what if we had then,

just know that moment did occur.

Now today we have our world around us,

everything we believe and want,

our hopes, desires, our passions,

have wrapped themselves in this passage

of sweet memory.

We shan’t brush off the quiet fear

of no longer having that which we wanted,

rather, might our lives respond to what lies ahead,

knowing now our designs, plans, activities

are all because of that one truly spectacular time.

We did know then

… love …

and that, we continue to discover,

just breathe in the moment,

let sunlight’s rise

sweeten soft shadows.