If There Were No Tears

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We couldn’t celebrate our love

We wouldn’t know if there was loss

We would forever be drawn to nothing

We would be simply nothing

for with tears live our emotions,

for with tears we become alive within ourselves

for with tears we can reach a climactic end to the suffering,

– perhaps only to live within the carnage by choice –

if we could not show tears, we would be the zombies we choose to ignore,

yet the value of a cleansing cry leaves hope,

yet the value of a quiet release gives opportunity to know

yet the value of a screaming paradox of lost love allows another to take your place.

for within our tears is a pool of thoughtful love

to know we live in each other’s eyes, rather than a barren wood,

we do delight to feel such joy that brings our tears

we do need to let go of all the hurt and pain and grief with zeal,

we do know our love in tears can become real.

If there were no tears I would change my music

If there were no tears …

my eyes would be dry.

I Do Wait


Every day, every sunset, every wake in the middle of the night,

the notion comes to mind,

I do when walking down a lonely hallway,

one that has a regular purpose,

I do wish to know just how many times,

I might find myself not alone,

yet so many miles away,

yet familiar with your smile,

I do wish that I might reach again,

dab that single tear, the one I use to love

to kiss, to kiss,

the one you would let me have.


I do remember sitting in the car

when you said they wrote the song about you,

I shrugged my shoulders, because then I was an ass,

didn’t want to give anything to you, at that time,

I just didn’t know how,

and yet today I want to with all my heart and soul,

and I think about time,and I wonder,

if I might be with you tonight,

could I be that dream,perhaps that sound that wakes you,and for only a moment,

you pause, and smile,

could I be the guy,you wondered about when I went


I did go away that day,

I just wandered away

I watched you look at me

turn away

without saying a word.

The Crying Gains

While the world continues unsettling staid values,

we seem to remain housed and hungry,

we value our gains to such a silly degree,

we forget there’s a world outside of our blues.


When I allowed my soul to breathe in deep wood

the smell of pine and wet moss aroused me

in Nature I do seek the attention of a free

mind that moves beyond the self loathing that would


bury my pale heart and cause me to then forget

how simple the leaves, how sweet buds hath

blossomed, deep in the forest away from wrath;

we may feel cleansed, less burden, less a target.


Look upon one another, please look for the smiles,

help them to be real, a genuine glee

if then that moment can be made free

then crying, the sudden rush of time speaks miles.


I stroll through concrete shadows, the lives we lead

in wonder of pain, while we seek some remains

of our integrity, character, these are my gains

if only there might be hope to cinder the greed.


My heart plays the rhythm without release

of the turmoil, the fear, the truth,

oh to understand then the ruth-

less nature, that human anomaly sans peace.