Anxiety Rushes

Waterfalls, rolling boulders, cascades of sand and dirt,

imagination trying to tie ideas together,

the collapse of a building at the hands of man,

such is decisive harmony.

Well then speak to the ills of human kind,

those results of interaction,

quiet moments of reality in a crowd.

Tell me about your gatherings,

which might be easier,

the one contains the loves you know,

or perhaps a space of individuals tied

together by the bounds of social mockery.

The other day,

walking slowly forward,

the body responds with a damp reality,

a wipe of the brow,

deep calming breaths,

every reality of that life,

becomes front and center apparent,

and yet what matters little still seems

to be that centerpiece.

Our preoccupation with the world around us,

could very well steamroll an otherwise happy life,

if allowed to move through the angst

of society’s ills. Society shrills upon

that notion of resilience in the face of

a strange eye of scrutiny.

Walking Faceless


Taking a stroll downtown to walk the pavement

The many faces, the many eyes, the many silent

Moments that brush past their shoulders every

Waking morning, every tired day’s end so ready


Return home or to that place they find some solace

A refuge with walls, cornerstones; a quiet palace

Dinner is prepared with a martini nearby the fire

Newsprint becomes electronics kindled to aspire


Upon the world’s travesties, war at home and away

Today read about a drug epidemic seems here to stay

Ah a tired cranium hits the pillow the same each nigh

Dreams of pavement and shoulders and asking why


The mirrored outlook a callous reminder of whom

We may intrigue, we have inspired, we daily become