Walking Faceless


Taking a stroll downtown to walk the pavement

The many faces, the many eyes, the many silent

Moments that brush past their shoulders every

Waking morning, every tired day’s end so ready


Return home or to that place they find some solace

A refuge with walls, cornerstones; a quiet palace

Dinner is prepared with a martini nearby the fire

Newsprint becomes electronics kindled to aspire


Upon the world’s travesties, war at home and away

Today read about a drug epidemic seems here to stay

Ah a tired cranium hits the pillow the same each nigh

Dreams of pavement and shoulders and asking why


The mirrored outlook a callous reminder of whom

We may intrigue, we have inspired, we daily become


I was walking nearby you again

Uninvolved yet driven by eyes

On a quiet afternoon

Sunlight peaking into the early dusk

We often cross paths

While one occupies their space

Perhaps each one curious in face

Drawing close indicators of need

Each free spirit whole; nature’s eloquence

Plays human condition lottery …


I was walking nearby you again

Traffic heavy as the corner crowded

Commuters and panhandlers share

Concrete while horns beckoned angst

Lives hanging in the balance with one

Maybe two steps create a stir of motion

Eyes connect and the actions remain

Current and busy and purposeful

Again in the quiet afternoon we try

To know one another while doors …


I was walking nearby you again

This time I saw the mascara

Creeping along your stirring eyes

The day was looming into shadows

And I wondered today about your world

This crowded corner we encounter

Every afternoon when the same pulse

Steps upon the cracks in our universe

All design in a scheme of motion

Time’s measure is the pressure of brakes


I was walking nearby your heart again

Soft and light hoping you might remain