Whisper While We Weep

I walked along a lonely country road,

saw shadows while a setting sun said hello,

seemed to speak to me, just to me alone,

yet I would know a world exists beyond me.

How many mornings have I noticed you rise

without any fanfare I just know you are there

despite the shadowed energy covers you,

there still exists a daylight you cast upon me.

When will the days begin to string together,

those that offer harmony and sweet luxury

of honest appraisal, a parallel universe

where all of us able can share in the delight.

We weep while around the corner we hear whisper

Our lives are similar, the country road will prosper.

Settle In – A Sonnet


We wind ourselves along a country road

embrace the fields and stone, love is an ode

our vehicle moves along sharply, swift

beyond us left behind, a sort of gift

in retrospect, we are moving forward

hope to satisfy having the last word.

I walked outside and glanced upon the moon,

breathe in your tease; a certain need to swoon

when in nature’s path I believe, caress

beauty’s own elegance in our duress.

We will remember the breeze, we flew by

such private lives that were just asking why.

A brief glimpse of a melancholy tear

Shines lights upon the open road we fear.