When a factor,

a measure in time,

while the observer

the other’s own dime


held out to the beggar

for the sake of truth

to confront that pallor

would it be uncouth.


To trigger the moment

we all lose our shell

in pity we might lament

our loss is our hell.


Have we crossed the line,

lost our grip on soul

or is this only a whine

while we play our role.


When once the word rang

strong in a crowd of eyes,

now it seems we do hang

only upon the other’s I’s.


Workplace monotony

could paralyze the confident

when idle scrutiny,

the albatross does resent.


For when I die, I might be

happier, or fly above the sea.

Taking A Walk

This is a special kind of reckoned day

when the sun shines loud we know this beauty

everything smooth in sweet glorious sway

we begin to grow life’s reality

Our daily struggles keep our heartstrings strong

paying the man passionate arching goals.

Wondering in seasons does peace belong

in difficult sessions, fills gaping holes.

He looks out into the morning sweet light,

she breathes a certain delight in this piece

of life now readying a walk tonight.

This day holds confidence in my release.

By standards he will reach a pinnacle;

The man, the master, holds the oracle