Wausau 1979

Try to imagine

where it was,

the moment

inside a memory,

what did the breeze feel like,

certainly there was one,

the glen inside a cove

surrounded in maples and pine,

and short shrifts of sumac

pine needles all across the forest wood

where we as children climbed

only the same tree,

familiar branches,

I sat there last year

he said to her,

as she wondered if or when he might

try to

kiss her

under the oak,

the childhood symbol of growing up,

at least,

understanding that

decades later,

the memory of which

might be less profound

than the immediacy of a heart racing




in the eyes of two thirteen year old children,

holding hands on a public street,

smiles and backpacks and

acne and eyes that searched only for

each other


that is what we had been told

that is what we had been told,

is the meaning of love,

in a quiet midwestern town,

where concrete

could easily confuse

the very natural ground

we laid upon years later

with a lover

and smitten eyes.

© Thom Amundsen 2019

Natural Wood Fire


Imagine only nature

trees, dense forest, crisp sunlight

sounds are melodic;

birds singing, animals stealth

beyond our eyes.

We hear a movement,

then its gone

we are left wondering

just what might visit,

so close to our own lives

yet safely tucked away,

in the dense brush, the ground cover

the natural wood.


We are animals

yet we thrive in concrete dungeons

words are ascerbic.

People yelling, taking leave

outside our comfort zone.

An interaction today,

with little after play,

curious what just happened.

How might their return

impact our bubble,

that space we call our own,

amidst the paperwork that drive our soul;

the workplace.


Often our hearts

are drawn to the beauty of nature

time seems endless.

A brilliant fire licks the night

in a space we call love.

We hike the trails

with great appeal

in wonderment of natural lands.

Later when the relaxing

continues in twilight

we are grateful of all around,

such serenity amidst us helps forget;

the human condition.