I Have This Friend

Cares about people,


will go that extra,

sort of realizes the game,

wants little recognition,

doesn’t really need validation,

just wants a good sense of healing.

Sound familiar right,

the sort of ‘friend’ we sometimes envy,

not looking for a lot,

except the well-being of others –

sure there are accolades,

people love to be complemented,


seems clear to me,

this friend,

only supports the beauty of others,

those healthy moments,

epiphanies are a remarkable reality,

for that soul with compassion.


Have a friend like that?

I believe you do, I think we all know,

when we meet that sense of humility

long before entitlement.

I think we sometimes choose to cut down a fresh pine,

rather than allow the forest to grow …

I think we don’t realize just how naked we become.

Speaking of Language

I know that when I looked at you,

a new interpretation of purpose popped into mind.

I suppose it was the color of your hair,

the manner by which you tilted your head,

how the afternoon sun might light up your eyes.

I wondered about our lives,

where we are,

how soon we can come to realize,

everyone crosses paths with that notion of

satisfying their own definition of ambience.


Listen to the beat as we travel together,

sweep across the tiles,

our feet in unison, our bodies melting

to the rhythm of a Latino cadence,

such that gives our soul the freedom to fly.


A novelty is the delight when found in sync

we desire the same,

recognize the brilliance of admiration,

knowing ours is one we share,

contains the many years of hope and desire,

that compassion that the first time I saw you,

the sunlight suggested I do love you.

When Relationships Collide

This is meant to be a good thing,

the aftermath is peace,

the initial impact, an unknown force,

bringing bodies together,

perhaps mind and soul,

hadn’t ever imagined a crossing point,

where lives could offer a solution,

a peace, again,

a nuance of learning of wondering of hoping of …


We are compelled to remain safe,

our own island,

our man-cave,

the shopping mecca that lights our heart.

We are compelled to lose focus,

on merit standing right next to you

now in this moment.

Turn to either side of you and smile,

imagine the miles

of good fortune you have just begun.

Whose Fight Is This?

When did the word respect become

a distant memory.

Whenever the wind blows a certain way,

do we have to only comply.

While a thought crosses the mind of a quiet soul,

we might think of another’s low.


The other afternoon,

I noticed them gathered together,

realized their fortune to be each other

only for that moment,

nothing more,

once the time passed, their world

belonged to whomever decided to accept

or perhaps continue to circumvent.


Do we know each other,

do you understand my peril,

have you any idea what we feel,

on any given day, even Saturday.

For how long will you wreak

havoc upon your state of mind.

When might the time arrive,

when suddenly you compromise,

how might a heartache benefit

from a moment of compassion,

nothing agenda driven of course,

yet only certainly an element of love.


I would give you my world if only

your smile would be real

if only,

if when you realize there is beauty

in understanding pure humility.

I do get it though, ‘check your ego at the door’

is such an exhausting reality to live by.

Much adventure ahead while you release

your venom within a community of peace!

Falter Freely

Would that I might understand the freedom of error

that part of my life I seem to want to always forget

I will indicate no survival from this constant terror,

the holding of my human condition might I beget.


When just yesterday I smiled and laughed out loud,

tonight again will this tunnel vision soon assail

any thoughtful remedy, perhaps a linen shroud

with a transparency to allow humanity’s love to sail


along uncharted waters, those land masses we shy

from when confronted with the reality of our game.

Is it that simple to imagine just one reason why

our lives held in a chasm of indifference seem tame.


I was crossing the road to find my new composure,

having discovered the ill effects of raw exposure.

Human Capacity

I wonder

if our society,

matched up against your own,

would matter too much,

when it came down to simply,

sucking air.

I mean really having to survive on

oxygen to breathe, to speak,

to determine just how much our lives,

depend upon one another,

rather than only ourselves.


I am lost when trying to decide

whether or not what I feel, and want, and suggest,

might be the exact same ideal of that person

who just yesterday or perhaps tomorrow,

I disagreed with openly,

making a public display of my position,

rather than practicing civility, or compassion, or natural eloquence.


Perhaps I am asking too much.

On occasion I struggle with knowing when I might

be out of line,

I suppose that is human nature,


when the end of the day draws near,

my anxiety,

that measure of confidence in any given moment,

allows only

shortness of breath,

the sort that speaks loud,

when trying to find solace,

in the activities of the day.


I hope sometimes, I might be forgiven,

within the confines of the human condition.

I Do Wait


Every day, every sunset, every wake in the middle of the night,

the notion comes to mind,

I do when walking down a lonely hallway,

one that has a regular purpose,

I do wish to know just how many times,

I might find myself not alone,

yet so many miles away,

yet familiar with your smile,

I do wish that I might reach again,

dab that single tear, the one I use to love

to kiss, to kiss,

the one you would let me have.


I do remember sitting in the car

when you said they wrote the song about you,

I shrugged my shoulders, because then I was an ass,

didn’t want to give anything to you, at that time,

I just didn’t know how,

and yet today I want to with all my heart and soul,

and I think about time,and I wonder,

if I might be with you tonight,

could I be that dream,perhaps that sound that wakes you,and for only a moment,

you pause, and smile,

could I be the guy,you wondered about when I went


I did go away that day,

I just wandered away

I watched you look at me

turn away

without saying a word.


In our world,

we hang by a string,

only that, a thread of despair,

measures our resilience, fortitude, confidence.

Yet every day,

with each waking hour,

when we see a smile,

without ever knowing what created that

we simply walk away,

in acceptance,

when we see tears, that don’t get in our way,

we imagine


is a sense of worth, a seeming reality,

… enough to get us all to the other side.

Check Yourself

In that moment when you wish to point out

their frivolities, give pause,

take a look in a mirror

check yourself.

When in a single afternoon you decide to whine

about your ‘state of things’

without thinking,

check yourself.


How often do you encounter another

without regard for their lives

not knowing

not understanding

not caring

about something they endure

that you haven’t any idea.


Do we only show compassion when there

are gains, bonuses, attributes

that fuel our own passions.

Certainly not everyone but the majority

of our lives are driven by the very

human nature

of who we are, or who we may believe

we might be

on any given day.


Check yourselves

for the next time you try to understand

just know

others have been putting in effort

long before  your smiling face

seemed to carry any demand.

Sensitive Outcomes


I can recall sitting in your basement in the winter

when I was told to not cry.

I was confused, and actually angry

but then I didn’t know what to do except

let tears stream.

Have you ever been told you wear your heart on your sleeve?

What did you do with the information?

Did you run and hide?

How might you recall the moments

when we were asked not to have feelings?

Or at least

don’t show them around me.

Not today.

Not any day.

Certainly not when we are around

or when other people matter more.

Be confident in a good sob,

in the cleansing beauty of knowing

your heart and soul have released the pain.

In order to begin to feel more,

feel more and more and more!

And then perhaps

you might just believe that stranger

who asks you one day without fail,

how you might feel

wearing their shoes.