Finding A Ledge

Oh, I remember

standing in a safe distance

watching them play the risk to the edge,

wondering of the five there,

two over near,

a dozen way beyond the fence,

were any one


wondering just really curious about the edge,

the immediacy of leaving behind

memory and travels.


I’ve stood on many a ledge

decades of indecision,

yet somehow the gravel maintained

my grip,

or I got a call for a dinner reservation,

turned around, walked away,

and the thought drifted off the edge.


Have you ever had a sort of quiet peace,

knowing there are those ledges

each of us

can share together,

rather than having to imagine

too much fear,

far too much confusion,

might bring us back upon

some lonely ledge.


The truth is,

not every ledge has room for


© Thom Amundsen 12/2020

Put Down

Tiger 1999 – 2015


Bleak, with little optimism,

a choice made difficult,

yet years of joy,

sweet comfort on cold nights,

a steady whir of love in touch.

Now reality brings on a struggle,

the power of man


nature’s course.

Whom might choose when age

knocks on the door,

though drawn by the beauty of endearment,

when will it be right to say a simple good bye.