Just Waking – A Sonnet

When the skies are meant to design my day

Reflect upon the chosen roads carve my way

While shadow the puddles from the rains

Remind ourselves as we joyful splash remains


Soothe the eyes inside restful morning’s light

Awaken the dreams, desires, places we might

Satisfy our needs as we discuss the hours beyond

Afford your agonies their place to be your bond


Body and spirit, we celebrate in new achievement

Pretty is the mind whose fleeting an ideal element

Become inspiration, a giving soul, no takeaway now

Pretend is a callous yet thoughtful singular vow


When skies in their solemn grey will quiet release

When wonders we alive choose carefully quiet peace.


*photo credit – ester rogers

Time Release

Inside a profound fog,

the sort that speaks,

silent as a breeze,

noticeable along the way,

are the many realities we sometimes,

try to pretend away.


Walking alone I might understand,

there is little nearby to disturb my pace,

yet my same state of mind,

wants to survive inside the maelstrom

of a city sidewalk during lunch hour.


When time allows our lives,

to pause,

to brief respond to the ills,

to make a moment feel alive,

when clarity seems easily



When did all the clouds go away,

the visible atmosphere in sudden motion,

carefully drawn across a midwestern landscape.

Then how will a crystal blue sky

ever make it possible to imagine,

there once were shadows,

created nearby,

when lives seemed to exist alone.


Time release my soul to pray, in laughter,

while the ills I spent hours fearing, slowly …

Clouded Judgment

When the clouds pass by in the morning

I will continue to live by my dreams.

Life gives me moments to realize

And the hours pass by

Without notice.

Random as a lightning strike,

I haven’t any control over which pattern

Of thinking I might decide upon.

Yet in the evening as the sun begins to set

I think of the clouds as they created obstacles

In my notions of life.

Somehow I forgot to look when the shade

Erased any memory of a burning hot desire.

Suddenly I was cold again

Feeling the fears that always await my mind

More prominent on bluer days than not


I looked outside in the sunlit morning

And felt swept in by the cloudless sky

I wondered what it felt like to be so free

Of any obstacles that might impede my day