Tag: classroom

Passing Time

Into a sea of humanity

Each body moving against the current

Drifting by

Eyes wavering sometimes connecting

Making my way to my next class

Wondering if I might see her

This was the usual hour

I even knew which part of the hallway

To look for

As she always let her soft left shoulder

Grace the wall space

Sort of a security that if bumped

Forced to step into the open mass

Of students all looking for each other

She might visibly become lost

I always dreamed of saving her

Even when her eyes didn’t connect

Her shoulder turning the corner

Walking away again with such elegance


In a moment

Navigating through the faces

There he would be

If he might just look towards the walls

And see my usual posture

Trying to remain invisible

Only for his eyes

Only for that moment

When before taking the corner

I might smile with his eyes

Swept through the moments

I could use the security

Of the wall space

To protect my agony if ever tossed

Into the middle of a room

With faces all around

Lost in a moment of delirious

Peer driven angst with my fears


We do walk like ships flailing madly our lily masts in the night

Wandering with our free mind a passion is love’s burden to ignite