Tribute to Artistry




We walk in shadows while you held the light,

taking us to every region of our mind,

with notes of harmonic beauty, worded genius

while in a visual mystique the looks, the many

different planets you did travel in our own eyes.

“Ground control to Major Tom” who would ever

imagine today your thoughts to become prophetic,

when suddenly we know now you are as mortal

as the next one, as everyone, as anyone.


How would we respond without your talents,

when the music played, you were David Bowie,

yet one movement, one ideal, each new storm,

created always a new you, nothing anyone ever

needed try to catch up with,

we would only love to know this is the latest,

coming from you.


So tonight we grieve your passing, yet even in

new words – of course created by you,

with black button eyes behind a tapestry of shroud,

we do say good night, to our captain, whose endless

search never left us waiting behind. instead when

we did face you, that glimpse did contain a smile.

You were the one to teach us to understand Change

in all its helpless magic. I could ask you to tell me how,

just how did you always know. I cannot believe it was

all resource, and will trust it to be your own instinct.


“Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’am”

every tune would bring new characters to speak of,

all buried in our own heart and soul, we were you,

in the realm of your sojourn – wherever you might

land, eventually would we gather around to listen.


The gold standard, the jewels, the wardrobe, the hair,

we all knew you Mr. Bowie, knew you understood us all!

Remember How Tears Form

Matters little the scenario

Form has the same motive

A welling reality

Quiet repose

Soft rains on gray morning

Sunshine while we stroll alone


I remember, then, when the music played

My every thought was reminders of then


Certain lyrics call out names

Reminders of older games

While we interpose life

Purpose we are always

Seeking solutions in solace

Weeping in hidden causeways


We all deliver epiphany like memoirs

Together the human condition speaks


And when our heart responds

To suggest allowances exist

While the world demands in finite

Terms representing our souls

Departure from social norms

‘Tears may flow’ wept the sage


A departure from our normal resilient

Self reflects the moment feeling reacts