When Time Stops


That sense of knowing there is a horror

only looms ahead,

a psychological twist beneath the surface

longing and waiting,

Every thought and notion and ideal dangles

in quiet yearn nearby,

Have you ever wondered about a way, a sign of

heartfelt resolution,

long before the incident occurs, the timeless

agony clings to the moment.

When once the sun would shine in brilliance, now

melancholy certain revels.

I wish we would once in a while very simply

without errant word understand!


I stood on the edge of a cliff,

could feel the rocks shifting

below in manner suspect.

I knew in a breath the slide

could occur and then it began …

I took a step back afraid,

I wasn’t ready to fly away,

I needed grounding, strength

to remain where life began.

I reached down and in my hand

held that rock, unstable

as it was in damp soil,

now it held strong,

impenetrable and stoic,

I felt the smooth surface

with concerned fingertips,

I would have lost sight

of its beauty had I flown.


I suppose there is a time

when everything can stop,

time stands still,

time remains

for me, my soul, my life

to reach beyond my fears,

accept those challenges ahead,

recognize there is humanity,

believe life can begin again,

without slipping upon

an endless trail.