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To Find My Soul

Often as the wind might change direction

so does my heart begin its own journey

to find my soul, to search for absolution

from the scariest parts of my, my disarray.


Oh to know the beast of my own conclusive

nature toward wanting only a defeated psyche.

One could easily describe such is my missive

designed to incorporate my own quiet psyche.


It is that machine he spoke of once in a movie

we all move the same because it is what we are

told ought be our direction without any scrutiny

on motive alone, designed to have gone too far.


I watched you dance one evening without any step

just a casual saunter around your own countertop.

Remember later when we remarked upon feeling kept

alive, sweet serenade the shuffle of fantasy in a mop.


Yes, we are as common as the world might ever allow,

no special guidelines, only kindness in a compassionate

surround of affectionate desire and sensuality and how.

We did begin a wonderful journey together a silent state.


So now in the public eye seems some loss of what might enhance

the beauty of two lovers who once in awhile chose to take a chance.

© Thom Amundsen 8/2021

-for kk

Life In Chance Encounter

In discovering one another, we all recall

the indecision, the wonder, the what if

this person has totally different views on

how to live my life, in response to

how I see their life evolving.


And then there is the church gathering,

where everyone does smile, does wear finery,

does hope to be noticed for their altruistic attitude.


Walking down a busy street, we pass by known entities

people who have crossed our paths,


we will never know who they are and why.

Instead, we’ll notice their eyes,

in some quiet familiarity,

until the light changes,

and the darkness reappears.


I read about a friend today, speaking of another,

we probably know similar lifestyles,

outspoken attitudes,

private scenarios that describe a personality,

and then later he cried,

and his tears continued,

for no one else understood just how deep

was his compassion.

She left him without telling him why,

just how,

and we are decidedly the purveyors of



I crossed paths with someone today,

he knew me,

by sight, by locale, by industry,

yet we know each other,

not at all, though others,

know us both,

very well.

So today, I continued the facade,

that human interaction,

need to when eyes connect,

at least finish a complete sentence.


The next time we speak ill of our neighbor,

perhaps a second glance,

a chance encounter,

could mean a world of forgiveness,

beyond our second nature.

Imagine Love

Reveal to her the essence of your love

As she will revel perhaps then pass it on

When heart’s content feels exhilaration

Love together extraordinary

With frequent yearn, eyes search the sky above

Pastels in streak of surreal when done

We cannot wish bliss, such satisfaction

To discard spiritual love nary

A soul might discover solace alone

Our rainclouds forsaken humanity

We gather close always wish to enhance

Deep love toward one another newly shone

Offer a hand to ill solemnity

Sacrifice our meddling left to chance.

The Storm Outside

If when our hearts were sudden to be known

A storm awaits always that certain tone

Realize wherewith lives a comfort zone.

Remind us within serene starry sky

Moments when sudden spirit may shriek why

Weather the storm in Her protective eye.

A societal ill might suggest retreat

If when we willing regard own defeat,

that screams like brutal wind within rain’s sheet

layered upon waves that dance soft in daylight

the sun peeking through again that we might

know soon the splendor refreshing tonight

When that internal rage of circumstance

speaks loud, disguised, wrapped in shroud of pure chance

Shelf Time

Such a delight it would be

to live a life by the sea

hear the ocean waves slap

soft the combed beach nearby.


In just the romance of time

we can transport ourselves

to a sunlit horizon bathed

in delicious blends of sound.


I walk with you

you walk with me

and together we seem

to be … somewhat, free.


Yet, while you were away

I came to terms with me

only to now understand

perhaps my shelf-time.


Glance outside the room

see them all stroll by

seems they haven’t a dime

of interest as layers grow


Oh what I might give

for a wrecking ball

right now, to hit

the side of my life


sends me helpless reeling

tossing about all hope

simply looking at the fall

the inevitable last shatter


Why there could be a day

when together again we

stroll along a sandy beach

thinking as one you and me.


Until that time I’ll dream

about the last shudder

of earth that is felt

when the whipping ball


strikes home.

That’s That!

Again, we’re at a crossroads with our values

waiting for someone to show us the way

wishing no one’s judgment that we must eschew

good tidings on all of our demons that sway

freely our state of mind.

Yesterday, I used to believe in certain freedoms;

a lifestyle that allowed many outlets of desire

to wreak havoc upon my own ideal idioms,

those beautiful notions that cause me to aspire,

when needing to unwind.

I might imagine a quiet afternoon siesta

with the one I love, a term we use loosely

discovering dilemna during a dramatic fiesta

of personal delight; I might cry profusely

knowing life is just a grind.

Today only now while strong I do try to recall

how far I’ve traveled beyond that world

that used to live to guide me naive toward a fall

one step away from having my brain twirled

across the universe blind.

In the morning again we speak upon merits,

those motives will echo our heart’s response

to societies triggers, those endearing carrots

of lovely windows; displays in quiet sconce

a world in love without …

In a word, that’s that!