Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”


unwelcome advance ironic

still alone


a child sings

notes of melancholy

will the door open


I watched life

acting out, shedding values

damn it was fun


too late frantic

realizations of passion

kids will still cry


lamppost chatter

a warm summer evening

cold hearts


I wish to breathe

if might love be found

I wish to breathe


Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”

Favor Today – Carpe Diem #910 Bitterness/Sour

favor love today

spiritual reckoning

soft heart Grace seek


we are a prison

locked inside our fantasy

bitter reminder


like a winter peace

we do when love does cry

know no sour taste


examine labors

delicious wise fruition

express love alive


Carpe Diem #910 Bitterness/Sour

Sweet Remedy -Carpe Diem #909 Sweetness

fond in memory

she wore her fragrance of love

her sweets spoke real


would I when alone

imagine, taste, delicious, her

eyes would speak surreal


a smile, a glance, peace

when longing is a world dream

solace, sweet, serene


I am standing near

a universal speak sincere

sweet remedy is near


Carpe Diem #909 Sweetness

Settle Sound – Carpe Diem #907 meditation

comforting news

a peace in a visual

mental escape


we study our lives

we mix time we need desire

passion suggests love


while wander the mind

seek solace surround sound

sunlight somber


quiet peace reflect

earth tones sweep animate

dreams breath visual


in nature beauty

inhale happiness

exhale in love


Carpe Diem #907 meditation

Papa’s Plum Tree – Carpe Diem #906 Ume-no-hana (ume flower)

We spoke near this place

where papa’s memory did store

signs of winter’s last trace


in papa’s name cherish

beauty in the form of white blossoms

the ice floes do perish


while a sunlit peace

suggests our open arms will guide

our lives toward a release


summertime and leisure

quiet memory of a fonder time

underneath our plum tree near


Carpe Diem #906 Ume-no-hana (ume flower)


Carpe Diem #903 hot springs

life breathe free

I stand inside a melody

sweet steamy me


where is energy

from the ground in symphony

water bathes harmony


she said hold rocks

feel nature is an energy

will hold peace


inside our Earth

we recognize a new delight

bathe alone in fog


a human being

a gift of the land I may feel

delight in hot waters


Carpe Diem #903 ‘Hot Springs’

Slight Night – Carpe Diem #190 – Special

Carpe Diem Special #190


I could if right

eyes glance inside sky

long winding night


that hurt we know

while evening stars shine

fallen away glow


we could do this

always together alone

secure stars soul


still a waking hour

waits to suggest a circle

again seeks night sky