Traveler Bags

Is this sacred wisdom

we carry its mystery

a naked history

remains impossible along the road.

Step aside and watch time

steady wheels

weighed down in two ton


The bags become a target

ready to be pummeled

first sighted

a driver today might aim

tomorrow disregard.

Hide in the fields of shame

distant traveler

no longer

Just Getting Started

Remember when I used to ask you to lay still

While my lips and a hint of breathing

Would explore your nakedness

My senses lost in the travel

Only guided by your soft response

Along the way

I might discover a change in your breathing

Stay there awhile

Watching as your skin tightened and seeing

Your hands grip the blankets

Just holding on

My grasp to feel your back arching while that delicious desire

Became a passing of time

Driven by gasps and moans and clenched fists

Reaching a crescendo, a climax, a cathartic

Reality of lovemaking

Remember when then we were just getting started.