Walks – Carpe Diem Special #194 A Trip Along Memory Lane

would we walk

in open fields in May

while wondering


love a mystery

sweet underbrush of thyme

always asking


sudden were your moves

me, naive in love, yet

able to forget


sunlight surreal

the fields, the open breeze

you, miles away, gone


Carpe Diem special #194

Souls in Grace – Sparkling Stars # 19 – Haiku

© Donna J Thomas

© Donna J Thomas

In here I am speaking of a world I do not personally know, yet only can imagine. In time, though we, with knowledge of what is real may slowly strive to then appreciate change, and center our world with ‘love’


We did know her pain

witnesses of vacancy

in the Man that spoke


watch and learn and cry

for no other reason why

except to accept


time is a rule now

learned with years of sacrifice

these blues so sweet sing


when last we spoke you

suggested lies forgiven

yet still your eyes play


Society breathe

spark imagination wake

our proclivity


listen to passions

jazzy instrumental speak

loud cry on this love!

carpe diem

Carpe Diem Time Glass #20, A Frog Jumps In


When only a child we would play, our nets in hand, to chase the pond rewards – from tadpoles of spring, to jumpers in summer, the murky deep of a run-off pond we knew the danger. Down on our knees, we thought of snorkel to intrude upon the world beyond pond’s edge. His tiny feet disappear slow while I wait …


Peer my way you know

The glass now contains my friend

lily pad water

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #665 (Sunset over the harbor)

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while wilderness winds

last remnants of sunlit sky

water glass welcome


a long gravel walk

road will stretch into the night

soul see sun streaked sky


wafting in harbor

night lights begin their sojourn

after dark we play


when today we cried

now watch evening shade appear

watch over our lives

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge *Sho-u “spring in our country”*

This week Carpe Diem Tan Renga inspiration is a beautiful haiku by a poet Sho-u. Our goal is to add a second stanza to it.

in the centre,
mount Fuji towers up:
spring in our country


winds kindle breeze romantic

in Nature’s grasp we evolve