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Listening, As Bullfrogs Might

Outside my window,

The sky black in twilight,

No breeze to offer an anxious

Tear into a calm evening.


Except the bullfrogs near

Must be a dozen at least

A three sound utterance

Shared by another nearby


Three times that’s all,

Perhaps the pitch might change,

Another again will chime in,

They’ll all be together in sound


I wonder about the simplistic strife

Surrounded alone in a pond of afterlife


Glance across great body of water,

See a family of fowl travel near

Look to notice crystal waves appear

The magic of earth is all the matter


Birds sing in the hidden pine of morning

A quiet reminder that love is in the air,

Symbolic in its historic grasp of where

Our lives begin sweet, soft listening


While for the moment the sun looms high

A brilliant casting inside mellow earth

We haven’t ever understood her girth

This profound lesson toward asking why


I stood inside the water’s edge today,

Humbled asking I might a cry this way.


Whisper My Name

To be heard

By her magic symphony

I am the audience

She the mystery


Oh, to know the many

Value of this body of mystique

The waves lapping shoreline

Only to be heard.


I wonder the soul

She keeps in quiet harmony,

The many lives, the sea men

Leaving wives and children home


Would we the living

Ever really understand

Why such stark reality

Beckons her command.


On occasion my passion

Would be the horizon

By which nature’s remedy

Harmonize sweet melody.

The Water’s Edge

I’ve often stood here,

Seeing the glass,


Is nature’s remedy


A soft whispering cacophony

Waves sing forever,

In the trees they are listening,


Living in sweet serenity


Oh to know the mystery

What lies ahead

Is in the arms of a cradled soul

So distant yet near

We are all inside memory.


A shadowy horizon

The eye is lost in fantasy

The beauty of time

I’ve often stood here

We Breathe In The Woods


Out here beyond the concrete and stale excess,

A certain community evolves like a wind-swept

Gale of unbridled beauty inside natural elegance.


Inside this forest of bush and briar, the green pines,

The essence of pristine glory our mother earth gives

So free is a waiting testament of a spiritual order.


I am a man seeking some solace in my day hoping

I once more can acknowledge how my life will

Evolve like the natural buds of spring in moisture.


Yet in shimmer I am compelled by a silent order exists

That although I suspect is real, still elusive to my

Grasp I believe will still make allowances with love.


I understand the business of honor and pride needs

Tender fantasy to allow each individual penance

A shout upon the rooftops of our key to happy lives.


While solemn I begin to rent a space from the land sacred

To our hearts. I only wish you remarkable delight … always.