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The Sitting Hours

I always looked forward to the late hours,

the night flying by with dialogue and absurdities,

everything we could say we believed, and more importantly,

we loved,

We did delight in knowing we could look in each other’s eyes,

well into the twilight,

all of us, whoever might have chosen the time,

or simply allowed ourselves to be drawn in,

that was the key,

we knew always we wanted to be there.


These are the holidays we would request

each other’s company,

my sister, brothers, and mom,

our sister’s, children and the occasion of relatives …

so current on everything we knew.

to be important in everyone’s lives.

With dad in the background, an occasional chuckle,

he’d pass out the a beverage with endearing blue eyes,

we all heard his screams inside,

the delight of our lives, he is a beautiful man.


We were, are, can be the beautiful people,

the family that smiles, tells jokes, lives lives with uncanny candor.

These are the nights when time would value,

only the shared nostalgia of wanting the laughs

in the history of our lives.

These are the holidays when love does always,

compete well with the nature of our own,

sweet recall, when the essence of everything we believed,

in the realm of the human condition,

could suddenly find the energy

to contribute the next line,

so the stories never found a way to end …

Our Brothers; Our Sisters (Our Veteran’s Day)

While you were away

People continued to want

While you were away

People stressed over latte

While you were away

People blamed the one percent

While you were away

Wall Street didn’t miss a beat

While you were away

Families ignored one another

While you were away

Society forgot to mention

The risk involved

The loss endured

The humanity destroyed

We speak rarely of a certain reality

One the media voice won’t exploit

A truth that evades the common eye

While you were away

People chose not to understand

Haunted, windows might close.

Shadows to follow your mind’s

Memory, nightmares designed

Tears remain your real lows

While you were away

Brother, sister, friend, foe

We were told about you

Searching the grain of your …

That sheltered your once life in

Swathed cocoon like revues

While you were away

People wail their goodbyes

We soar with freedom, a Nation, a society

While eagle’s wings … restore our sanity!