A Gentle Breeze

I woke to their singing

like lounging by the river

a fresh morning dew

preparing us a sky as blue.


This isn’t just remembering

more holding truth to who we

are when a cloudy mind reflect

upon a gentle swaying we select.


Last night heard words ringing

soft reminders why we are now

Inside lovely dreams, a fantasy

in strength settling a symbolic sea.


I lay in bed awaiting a morning sun

gray skies gifted me a gentle breeze.

©️Thom Amundsen 4/2021

for k

Soothe Sweep Sound


Listen the stirs behind as the rains tease

Waiting on a wind swept current of breeze.

Carries sweet teary note of Nature’s realm

A sometime sudden shudder, speaks, My helm.

Today’s waters will nourish seedy paths

Casual torrents without Her known wraths,

Only the showers we could walk today.

Remember, a soft soak, soothe, sent our way

Holding hands, feeling the wet fabric grip

Against our yearning bodies. We will strip

The layers of Mother Earth’s calm reprise

Sip hot tea, with a lentil soup surprise.

While these common rains can begin the morn

We have solace. Now known, we shall not mourn.

( a dedication to a good friend whose father went his way today)