Words Inside



This is for everyone whom desires certain meaning

when inside their mind, their struggles are apparent

This is for that sunny afternoon that stares tempting

while inside the mind, our fears we still relent.


A long time ago in a couch made of leather

a man spoke to how our words may reckon

decisive notions, furthering he called blather

that day the mind inside heard delights beckon


to change an outlook, to practice to some degree

holding down the fervent idiomĀ of the negative

nature of a wielding swords shallow thinking mockery.

In mind, we might now discover love, precious, furtive …


While playing out the standard in sunlight or the rain

Do please recall we only today might realize the brain.

Society in War


Is there a fair alliance we live in this hate

can we appreciate any everyman’s pain together

Our stakesĀ seems to be in a constant state

always in the news, a new tragedy unfolds

across the world, outside my back door,

doesn’t really matter anymore, we are alone,

inside our own sort of acid driven nightmare,

each one of us walks together with a fear,

that somehow this might all meet a demise,

yet, everywhere I look I can see your peace,

in your eyes,

I see it, beautiful and sweet,

we all do have that look,

only if we might allow its return.

So often we might believe the timing wrong,

today really sucks, so tomorrow I’ll change,

and that’s just inside your own head,

the guy next to you hasn’t any clue.

Imagine if each of us could in a moment,

take the mind of another nearby,

for just a couple of hours,

instead we seem to just walk by,

we ignore the reality of our own,

simple, not complex, delivered

human lives. If we might stay there,

stay quiet in resolute acceptance.

If only I might stay out of my head.