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Monday Reminders

Felt off when I awoke to the morning sunlight

a beautiful reality outside my window frame

couldn’t shake the vibe in my mind I might

forget another day, today not the same.


Trying to piece together wherever emotions lay,

what is it I am imagining, what is my rewind.

I have scared written all over my insides today

though if you ask me, you’ll pick apart my mind.


If I could map about the progress of a projection

without ever having to experience its method

perhaps then would live far less rejection,

the spirit of our beauty not perceived a facade.


I don’t particularly like these Monday blues,

leave me feeling such scathing personal reviews.

© Thom Amundsen 3/2021

In Darkness There is a Blue

Trying to find that color,

searching since a child,

I remember gatherings

with friends my age and teenage elders,

those we all wished to emulate,

sitting amongst ourselves,

laughs, giggles, smiles,


every aspect of the human condition,

would enhance this sensation,

our sensory being.


I could lay in the middle of a field

soft whisper of midnight breeze

look at the sky, the miles of sky

stars and occasional glints of light,

a shooting star where a wish is missed

so then in that singular moment

a self-critical adamant fear

begins to sweep through the forest

the moment gone now,

left feeling cold in a farmer’s field.


Twenty years later, or even more now,

decades of afterthought,

the what-ifs, whens, why nots, the who …

we all want to care about something,

and yet,

lost as I could with every search of word,

would it matter at all,

if one day,

the words just failed to appear.


I wonder the beauty of a blue horizon,

is it a state of mind or some intricate light show.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2020

A Little Billie Holiday for Him

by Klassy_Lei

I thought I might listen to a little Billie tonight,

his memory is fresh in my mind.

I ‘d like to think he did a little swing in time,

her words, her melody, a smile.

This is a good man we honor today in dreams

a mover with a heart of humble pie.

if Billy might have heard his words imagine,

the groove she’d create in a cadence

that spoke to his hope for a society in change

they could waltz together in a walk,

a stroll that became his march on Washington,

with her crooning voice led the way.

It is difficult to imagine how one life could change

the masses, cause a people to respond

a certain elegance from her, singing the blues,

a reality of time needing change for him.

We celebrate the man that spoke of a freedom,

I somehow have to think when a child,

listening to Billie Holiday speak to the times,

he began to certainly understand peace.


*photo found on cuthroathippiegang

Blues Journeyman

He would like to believe that he could,

give me the right idea he said,

let me sing a little melody,

let me believe I would.

Just trying to find my groove,

I speak to this, and listen to that,

I trust my instincts, and we all,

we all know about that.


I was standing outside alone,

when behind me with a roar,

appeared my reality,

and I couldn’t turn away,

instead, tried to look ahead,

without being noticed –

possibly heard what I wanted to,

to believe again,

to help me bleed again.


I was just trying to stay outside

the fabric of a sultry occasion,

when the skies fell apart

to reign down on me,

my momentum.


I crossed the street to find some silence again,

yet another avenue

charged my way with a vengeance,

some sort of attitude,

told me to never go away,

I’ll always wait here for you.

I believe in you said the words,

dancing in my head,

I believe,

I can know you better if you let me just

go ahead and grieve,

let the pain feel real bad.


Just then I felt a breeze,

an evening sky, with a slivered arm,

reaching upon my imagination,

my creativity seemed to glow,

even in the quietest moment,

when all around me,

I just wanted to know.

might I somehow have

misperceived my reality.


Living in a delusion,

let the blues take me along,

I’m a journeyman at best,

I’ll let B.B. tell me the rules,

while I try to dance near the blues.


Reality Blues


Seems I haven’t listened recently,

taken the time,

found my rhythm,

played the riffs of my

existential pathway to the world I choose to live in by the way …

have you noticed

how easily drawn in

our lives may become

when one simple rule

is put aside,

sort of like a long and distant ramble that gets us nowhere.

Seems I haven’t listened recently

and all my baggage,

packed and thrown about in disarray

accentuates the blues I live today,



not feeling, or feeling far too much to even understand

why I feel anything at all.

Heard it before,

of course you have,

that’s the way it is when we are one step

one breath,

one mindless thought away from understanding

what it is,

how our state of mind,

how we decide to go about thinking


that day happens when


we can reflect and ascertain

just how we got there

For now,

just a blues

step away

Classroom Blues

I am a teacher

in my classroom now

an easy day

covering the bases really.

Students are on task

summer school blues

they all want to run

why it is summertime.

Some know the hours

some will return

while I gaze across the room

I wonder about their lives

scanning Facebook

learning Pinterest

the consequence; a semester of rue

realizing the content

of American History,

of English semantics,

of the science of reality,

perhaps knowing the formula,

of so many inherent values

that their lives

their magical brains

kept them at bay with

during the school year.

I look around the room,

see all the gleaming eyes

filled with a natural spiritual love

one they are only now beginning

to accentuate, deliberate,

for life …

I remain hopeful.

Bluesy Storms of Spring

celebrate poetry



Speak to love how mellow you do to me

when you sing freely love’s sweet melody

I can travel away, a worldly distance

When just listening wanting to be free

Riding the crest of my yearning to be

Yes I do like you let me take that chance

Carry your message in a spring morning

While waking earth unravels winter’s wrath

I am wandering, how sweet the learning

of chords will shout aloud His love that hath

Allowed our human spirit’s true being

Reason to breath and thrive along this path

Sheer elegance delights a romantic

Bluesy departures, warms all such arctic


Bluesy Departures

Fighting a certain fatigue

I am wondering please

If I might be in a new league

One that does not appease

A lackluster attitude

One that simple reminds

Our heart of the dude

That won’t let me unwind

Sounds foolish to the ear

But wait a second now

If you listen close you hear

The sound explains the how

Music to my ears my baby

That’s what I am looking for

On a cold night when I maybe

Looking for a way out the door

I might have to wait again

For another cold and rainy day

When the words I mention

Might somehow move some way

Seems I travel this slow course

Only to know it could get worse