The Color Blue

Everyone has a favorite color

tonight I’ll pick blue

for any number of reasons

this seems to resonate

not just the hue,

state of mind or mood or choice

as someone said to me


We make a decision within ourselves

to decide upon what it is

we want to focus upon,



do we even know what that means anymore?

I spoke with a friend recently,

she was telling me about something personal,

and the subject of therapy came into

our conversation,

and I discovered after revealing all of my years

of therapy,

she hadn’t ever gone to see anyone.


I thought about it myself

and know

times in my life would not allow me to be here

right now,

writing these words if I had not


bought into my life the value

of letting someone hear my problems

and then try to give me

direction afterward.

We live in that world,

one that refuses to allow vulnerability

to encompass our heart and soul,

when truthfully if we don’t reach out,

we stay alone with our thoughts,

and how in the end

has that lent anything to do with the color of


© Thom Amundsen 12/2020

A Gentle Breeze; my skin feels you

Everyday feels this way

Step outside and trails remain

Quite the same

A picturesque suburban town

Filled with lives passed over

Upon every threshold


Tonight we are blanketed

By crystals tossed as cold

Reminders of our own mortality

Stand outside and freeze

Well maybe thaw in a short

Time given the right resource


There I go again talking about the elements

An easy place to remain avoiding now

I’m a now kind of guy

Filled with inspiration

When the moment is right

Just seems that way that people say


Got the blues going on in my head

And traveling like a silly old fool

Wishing that I’d known you’d feel

The way you do today back when

I didn’t really know how to feel

Except to see you left me in a thrill


Quiet remorse is my barometer

Wincing to the cold air that shouts

I know you I know your game

Shrink away into the distant night

To wonder again about opportunity

And whether the time is right or gone


You see the aging process is happening

I look at you and instead of hoping

I realize that time’s keeper swept right by

Like a cold winter storm shuts down

The avenues of travel that help our lives

Continue to thrive in spirited envy


I guess I’ll say goodnight again to you

Wonder if ever when I think I’m blue

Could you be near my soul

Feeling as I do about who

We might have been, we could be then

A gentle breeze; my skin feels you