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A Walk Inside A Dream

Took a walk inside a dream,

seemed the same,

each waking moment,

a breath of wonder

then wander back inside

visit old friends

stir memories of an


the sort of look in an eye

when we might fall into

the shell of our selves

inside the dream

everything happens

we sometimes wish away

from ourselves.

The next day

When a conscious reminder

that dream last nigh

look around the space

the people drifting by

could be there then

might be there


waiting for an arrival

every stone unturned

when the natural

tendency might be to scream

inside a dream

taking a walk

a wander

into a waking day

Thank You! – Three Years – 1000 posts!

I glanced at my post count today, and found myself at 999. So I am using this, my 1000th post to thank the people of WordPress that have embraced my work for the last three years. I began my blog with what was intended to be a journal of my recovery from surgery, and from there it has evolved with some essays, memoirs, eulogies, and a few commentaries. Yet, the majority is poetry. I have liked writing poetry for over 30 years; in fact, a dear friend of mine sent me a picture of me he took over 30 years ago in which he suggests I was honing my craft. This is me in my early twenties …

-probably listening to the Beatles-
-probably listening to the Beatles-

So, I dedicate this 1000th post to all of you, the readers and friends on WordPress whose encouragement, and feedback have kept me intrigued to such a degree I post an average of two poems a day. Certainly theory out there suggests that with practice anyone can improve. I do hope that eventually becomes the case for me. Thanks so much for reading everyone! -Thom