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While Understanding Matters

In speaking out loud,

one suggested,

there is little that matters,

mixing paint,

the blend is a natural course of

a process,

one that’s surely been in place,

long before our own,

personal reaction.

We sometimes play with dye,

adjusting colors for our own

benefit, philosophy, comfort zone.

For when the artist,

will display their work,

their pigment will be the final product,

not their initial choice perhaps,


when the paint dries,

the tempered mood in tone survives.

A White Man’s Struggle

I spoke of this in my classroom today,

it didn’t make sense,

I still haven’t figured out a way,

to not seem utterly dense.

I’m a White man trying to be understanding,

yet every time I try

I end up again, landing

square upon my own ignorance and cry.

I’m a White man rocked with privilege,

and I still manage to find a way

to put myself out on a ledge,

bringing attention to my own self-righteous dismay.

It’s Black History Month,

a friend of mine posted this recently

suggested it is the shortest month

of the year, well he said it decently.

I have felt a lot of pause, trying to find the right word,

not to sound correct, but to clearly feel ok.


If I speak about this, I’m the wrong guy,

but I do want to know, how to define

the feelings,

the emotions,

the questions in my mind.

I don’t want to take away from a cause,

I really only want to say, ‘yes’

rather than give a gaze of confusion.

I want to be able to suggest

that our society will allow anyone

to hold a silent protest.

See, with the whole race is real philosophy,

there are a lot of people walking around,

with chips on their shoulders,

and who are they going to listen to,

and whose words will they respond to,

and when will they finally give up and realize,

#blacklivesmatter as much as anyone,

so how might that leave you feeling,


Torment Me More

     photo credit: fastcodesigns
photo credit: fastcodesigns

I was just beginning to relax,

hadn’t found a need to react

steered my way clear of facts

wanting less reason to act


Yet you keep hammering home

reality tv’s quest to comb

through society’s ugly injustice

to leave me in constant notice


of our garbage world of hate

and crime that rips to negate

any notion of humanity’s love.

In St. Louis searching above


all the hate and rationalization

allows the pendulum in motion

to continue to riddle our lives.

We keep stacking the archives


a blood-letting with a constant

no matter where in an instant.

I want to hide hurt and fear away

play myself a little Marvin Gaye.


‘What’s goin’ on’ that changes

how society rearranges

the same disdain, out loud message,

a ‘we don’t give a …’ visage.


I have lived a life of dreaming

we could somehow stop clinging

to the hate, the horrific release,

Man’s fearful idiom wracks our peace.


When are we just going to stop kiling

ourselves. I mean, give our lives meaning.

Lacking Skin


I draw little attention to who I am

based solely upon a certain gem

some would call the bane of life

yet I might think of none of them.


I walk in a department store alone

gather little if any attention shown

I could probably open the register

take a dollar bill and dial the phone


While standing nearby noticed you

I couldn’t help but think of the blue

vibrance in sky that dreams peace

stillness occurs to recognize few


We thrive in a world of confusion

a constance bold without solution

little concern merits our evolution

little concern, we await revolution


photo found on Pinterest

Five Days, Five Photos – Day Three; On Diversity


( a third installment inspired by Dancing Echoes )

The Key

a challenge to all of us around each other

all the time

during every moment of our lives

we might be

rather than the pose, the setup, the expectation,

what if we all just recalled ourselves,

instead of a reliance on being told to engage

how about if we simply become

a universal smile,

a unanimous integrity,

let’s allow the character of our inner soul

be the change,

the challenge,

let’s allow our lives to matter

off camera.

So often when we are


we seldom recognize the reason why.

When today we acknowledge one another,

let’s do so before they set the

light meter, the sound check, the make-up.

Let’s love each other today, so years from now when we reflect upon a photo,

we know how real we were that day,

helped us become who we are today,


(for today’s exercise in ‘five days, five photos’ I wish to select John Coyote whose words always inspire!

Society Bleeds – A Sonnet (dedicated to the slain men in blue)


“Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu”


We are in crisis mode while the days bleed

with ev’ry walk, new souls suggest a need

to love one another, a simple task

exists in every heart, just have to ask.

We seem to forget about human tact

instead we suggest our lives are attacked

by scrutiny, in jeopardy, judgment

abound. We have little time to present

ideals that might indicate peace is love.

Our world depends upon the stars above,

they guide our philosophy well beyond

the woe, the entitlement; please respond

with grace, with turpitude, offer release

from routine failures denying our peace