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Bigotry Screams

I live in the United States – all my life, though I have had opportunity to travel, this is where my freedom has always evolved. In recent days we lost Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia to death. He was 79 years old. This man was highly respected for his strong views in a conservative lens. His views, stature and decisive nature will be sorely missed by those with a need to have a conservative voice in the judicial process. This is all very sad, as losing people in our lives can be. I can only imagine the feeling of compassion needed for his family during this difficult time. I can’t speak directly to it, because I am not in that inner circle. I can only speak to my own reaction to the loss of one I love in my own family network. But, that’s not the point of this commentary.

I actually want to speak more to the bigotry of a nation of freedom that I count upon to maintain my own sense of freewill. I’ve grown up with this all my life. I’m white. I haven’t had to fight for my freedom anytime in my life. I don’t wake up in the morning and step out the door and wonder when my first indications of harassment may occur. I don’t wait for it to happen because in my life it seldom has, unless I put myself in a difficult situation where the stress upon me is well deserved.

Right now, this free country of ours is experiencing Black History Month – actually it is being celebrated by those who pay attention. Today, February 15th, 2016, we celebrated President’s Day – a time to recognize the important leadership in our country that has laid the groundwork for our freedom. Tonight, as I decide to write this essay, I am experiencing a certain hypocrisy in our lives. We are being told by our Republican senate that we cannot let our POTUS select the next Supreme Court Justice to fill the vacancy left by SCJ Scalia’s unfortunate departure. We have one Senator McConnell who in 2005 stated that only the President of the United States can nominate a new Supreme Court Justice now suggesting that our current residing President Obama will not be allowed to name our next Supreme Court Justice.

On the surface this looks again like the Republican party trying to control the government. However, in a deeper context this is clearly the perfect storm of the bigotry that has existed from the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency. We live in a very frightening time when the Black Man is under constant scrutiny to such a degree that the person holding the highest position in our office is racially discriminated. This actually makes me very sick, and all I wanted to do was get my thoughts down. On another occasion, I promise I will write with less ramble.

For now, please recognize the ticking bomb our Senate has created in this free country of ours. Please accept my apologies. Peace, and continue to celebrate Black History Month.