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Sky fleeting

opens eyes to sweep

tilling fields of the planting season.

The spring might tease the mind.


watching the snows unwind.

Bicycles wish melt rubber on the asphalt,

smells of pollen, fresh release

puddles and rain tapped sills

the songs return,

we advocate

a challenging season.


watching tree limbs come to life again

buds waiting for a mist, a shower,

the nitrogen of a lightning storm,

long hard winter behind.

Imagine a hot horizon ahead

where skin will choose a bronze

beyond the pale shadows of a chilly memory.


while we wander in grand scheme our mind.

© Thom Amundsen 3/2022

Life Choice

Elroy-Sparta bike trail - Wisconsin
Elroy-Sparta bike trail – Wisconsin

Will coast through the lush beauty of nature

on wheels with eyes searching the horizon.

Smiles of humanity breeze love anon

as eyes swift serenade an active blur

of humanity in sunlit delight.

Coast of a pedal pusher long to ride

while deep in woods a set of eyes will hide;

wait while at dusk when freedom is their night.

Moments slow two-wheelers, at river’s edge

we might breathe in the beauty of raw life

for a choice exists to love our own life.

While bicycles define today’s purpose

consider the many trails we propose.