Blues Journeyman

He would like to believe that he could,

give me the right idea he said,

let me sing a little melody,

let me believe I would.

Just trying to find my groove,

I speak to this, and listen to that,

I trust my instincts, and we all,

we all know about that.


I was standing outside alone,

when behind me with a roar,

appeared my reality,

and I couldn’t turn away,

instead, tried to look ahead,

without being noticed –

possibly heard what I wanted to,

to believe again,

to help me bleed again.


I was just trying to stay outside

the fabric of a sultry occasion,

when the skies fell apart

to reign down on me,

my momentum.


I crossed the street to find some silence again,

yet another avenue

charged my way with a vengeance,

some sort of attitude,

told me to never go away,

I’ll always wait here for you.

I believe in you said the words,

dancing in my head,

I believe,

I can know you better if you let me just

go ahead and grieve,

let the pain feel real bad.


Just then I felt a breeze,

an evening sky, with a slivered arm,

reaching upon my imagination,

my creativity seemed to glow,

even in the quietest moment,

when all around me,

I just wanted to know.

might I somehow have

misperceived my reality.


Living in a delusion,

let the blues take me along,

I’m a journeyman at best,

I’ll let B.B. tell me the rules,

while I try to dance near the blues.


All Night Party


I cannot really complain today,

more celebrate,

I know that he will continue on,

talks about the thrill,

even says he will still live on,

he’s played to our mind and soul,

forever singing the blues,

he is on his way now,

a peaceful serenade,

left back here with us are the memories.

There will be dancing in the street,

the sound of his blues everywhere,

we’ll listen as if he is as elite

might be standing nearby, right there,

playing his music,

letting his fingertips dance along the strings,

with his smile inside the dream,

always runs alongside the words,

I’m listening to you tonight,

wishing you Godspeed as you journey forward,

BB King’s in the clouds with his favorite muse.