Freedom Without Tears

At first glance nearly impossible,

to imagine,

our lives holding dry eyes

while freedom quietly knocks on our door.

We have to understand with love

we explore

the beauty of acceptance

that surreal moment when peace speaks.

I want to believe

freedom without tears

might exist in the heart

when this world begins the day less needy.

I heard cries on the street

new confusion,

we do wish for the moment

we might struggle to know our own identity.

I wonder though some time

speak compassion

are we really wanting this,

or is it another Warhol scream to be heard.

I do believe the tears

will satisfy

the pain in our heart

far greater is the will of emotion than stone.

We collect ourselves

again resilient

to forget yesterday’s ruse,

yet tomorrow, our tears must follow freedom.

When Living Hell Arose


I know you spoke to me the other day,

you felt like this was truly a living Hell,

to endure your pain in such a simple way

left alone without a sympathetic tell.

When everytime another matter claimed

your state of mind would wallow again

yet nowhere could you feel so maimed

as in Baltimore’s expressed raging disdain.


A conversation occurred the other day,

when people took the streets to battle

their wits run amok with mass decay

allows society’s increasing anger rattle

the cages of our living neighborhood,

storefronts with the steel reinforcement

still burn now, will burn, become unglued

our living hell is worse tonight than meant.


I’ll say a prayer to the non-praying soul

whose tears are golden in the fiery glow

I’ll see the fear in a child’s world less whole

when innocence already lost, its goal

slowly by the wayside, their life defines

a common thread, that hope in song

defends the pain exists in a line

of fire, far lethal today with this wrong.


In looting, fire, in bricks rash thrown

our peace of heaven forever unknown