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Sweet Albatross

albatross and sailboat

would that we might
seek refuge
in a distance
be aware of our
I will guide you by wing
sweeping upon distant
perils and swallows
trust me
for it is my
would you chance
in the grips of Nature’s siege
upon a
whose quiet
reveals itself
in a distant

Albatross of Words

He was blessed one lament might imagine

A gift of gab suggests notions driven.

Drawing circles upon colorful lines

by need, sacrifice, like well mannered wines.

A departure constrained, value in word

To such a degree one might cry absurd.

Painful, ridicule, delightful repose

Confusion defined response we suppose.

For when actions shouted speak now aloud

His eyes might divert intention to cloud

Judgment, scrutiny, respective concern,

Beyond values held we might now discern.

Human condition respects our release

When syntax and grammar merit our peace.