On The Wonder of Age

Today is the birthday of an elder,

a daughter just lost her father,

a young boy,

playing in a culvert,

watching handmade wooden ships

float toward the sewer,

no judgment in mind,

simple childhood,

with an elder keeping his welfare

in mind.


We wonder sometime about the truth

in aging, the wisdom found,

the mistakes we wish to take bake

yet now we simply go on living

appreciating sometime

the turn of the coin

where once we believed this,

now we are forever asking for

sweet forgiveness

because with age

comes for some a sense of

quiet humility.


Oh do answer the question

that when under the knife

my body shut down

for modern medicine

did I go anywhere

with my dreams

beyond waking again,

seemingly fixed

yet forever drawn

to wondering just why.


The age of this my freedom

Will by my silent fiefdom

Finding My Way

While I listen,

I watch hands that will flail,

a purpose, a manner, a passionate desire,

to know, to understand,

we reach for our grasp,

our cathartic tour through life,

some sojourn, a journey, for some a quiet discard,

from whence we came.

I wonder though about hands,

how defined are we really,

where do the surprises come from,

state of mind,

state of hypocrisy,

a societal dreamscape

carries the weight of that which we have


I’d like to know peace,

if that is something we can stroll toward,

with every sound around us,

whether the beautiful chord of gee,

or a vibration, some energy beyond

our narrow scope.

I would then find solace,

this could soon be my piece

This Was That Place

Where I began,

a small boy sad eyes

would venture forward

inside cloud grey skies

This was the way I began

while all around me lives

gave credence toward

some manner by which

to understand.

This was when I began

to wonder about where

everyone else had gone,

why the constant search,

what could possibly be wrong

with not thinking too hard,

what is right in my mind,

will fall into question anytime,

they might decide to return.

This was where I began,

somehow I do remain here.

Fires in Wood (Haiku)

Where did you go when

Standing right there together

Suddenly just then


The rush of the sea

Slapped our hearts against the wall

Still I didn’t see


When last I did cry

Felt so alone in misty breeze

Still wondering why


Nature’s fire burning

Our lives are in the balance

Yet still I’ve yearning


If I could just feel

The waves of emotion spent

Rewinding the wheel


A fire burns nearby

Separate walls of freedom

Surely have me cry.


I cannot fathom

Another summer of loss

Please be my freedom


music plays alone

she breaks my heart with words

her melodic tone


I’m afraid that’s it

Throughout the natural fire

No one gives a shit.


I want to be dead

Tired of trying toward time

What roads lie ahead


Man’s own legacy

Belongs to no one really

Such a travesty.