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We Are Here, Again

When I was a child, I remember well,
the gathering of family, all indeed similar.
In the early morning anticipation, a spell
of wonder, love, then all arrived from afar.

Conversations were readily heard inside
the walls of a gathering of similar soul.
The children played a sweet naive pride,
allowed adults to know love, and be whole.

Tragedies occurred, stories of love replayed,
throughout our lives a similar world in now;
we are the eyes of elder, those who stayed.
The evolution of time, we are here, somehow.

Proud These Tears

There was that moment,

when standing,

holding court together,

we merged our simple lives,

with smiles,

I’ve watched you grow,

a calculatedĀ beautiful person,

we all knew you were from day one,

when I held you in my hands,

6:38 PM,

my life changed that day,

and yet I still managed to be human,

on far too many occasions,

Yet, today we stood,

we’d reached the end together,

a mid-stride for me

a certain beginning for you.

My daughter, you had me in tears,

the day I held you in my arms,

and today, I can love you,

as much as any other day,

I can see you living your life,

and you are just so damned beautiful.

I Remember Songs

Riding in my car crossing freeways

letting the music drive me home,

I could sing out loud,

imagining you with me,

on the road together.

I might glance your way,

see you staring out the window,

a smile that seemed so content,

your hands resting upon levi jeans,

tapping your fingers to a little Dylan.

We were young then,

just kids really like adults,

you know that feeling of knowing,

yet not wanting to … just yet.

Funny how today, when I hear the same songs,

I still feel that young all over again,

Glance your way to see your smile,

wondering, where … just when.


A finished product

on paper

wanting immediate recognition

in reality

asking only for keys

to sanity

wonders abound ahead

new quests.

Each moment of passage

now today seems clouded

when yesterday,

the avenues were clear,

I could find you

around every corner

without stumbling forward

into a pedestrian maze.

That symbolism

speaks to tomorrow

suddenly arrived this morning,

when alone I wanted to cry,

no longer able to rely

upon simple childhood.

Tonight I began slowly

to wish for tomorrow

with all of the rewards,

to be a gentle breeze,

one I might navigate through,

challenged by the next mile.

Where Now Is

Cross the street with marble concrete built to form

everyday without a thought this seems the norm.

Look about the avenue and see the eyes that meet

traffic likens by autos, bicycles, walkers compete


A child nearby cradled in the nurtured hands of mom

recalls how fast the cars go by, from whence they come

he hasn’t any clue yet now the world around so cool

this is where I belong mom, certainly not in school.


We wonder where our lives have gone, beyond main

broken concrete, along with littered streets remain

the eyes and postures look the same, yet today

we wonder always where now is might be the way


the little man is alone beyond his nurturer’s release

in last night’s memory, today, his walk shares peace.