Society in War


Is there a fair alliance we live in this hate

can we appreciate any everyman’s pain together

Our stakes seems to be in a constant state

always in the news, a new tragedy unfolds

across the world, outside my back door,

doesn’t really matter anymore, we are alone,

inside our own sort of acid driven nightmare,

each one of us walks together with a fear,

that somehow this might all meet a demise,

yet, everywhere I look I can see your peace,

in your eyes,

I see it, beautiful and sweet,

we all do have that look,

only if we might allow its return.

So often we might believe the timing wrong,

today really sucks, so tomorrow I’ll change,

and that’s just inside your own head,

the guy next to you hasn’t any clue.

Imagine if each of us could in a moment,

take the mind of another nearby,

for just a couple of hours,

instead we seem to just walk by,

we ignore the reality of our own,

simple, not complex, delivered

human lives. If we might stay there,

stay quiet in resolute acceptance.

If only I might stay out of my head.

Angry, Now!

I want to ,

I sort of need to,

I certainly wish to,

If I could only suggest,

I wonder if anyone might,

I really have this immediate desire,

how can I explain truly how upset I feel

about our society and its ability to hide

behind our own lethal ignorance.

“I don’t believe in white privilege” … because it doesn’t exist,

“just overstating the obvious.”

Oh, dear Lord, I want to scream,

but I don’t know where I may lay down my echoes,

for I really do want to understand

how our society,

our ‘American’ society,

how anyone, anywhere, can really imagine we are all the same,

together, fighting for the same principles,

when so many of us,

such a mass of intolerance,

hide behind our own fear.

I want to understand, I really do,

I want to feel like I can be comfortable

around anyone, yet, at this moment,

I am more afraid of you … society,

than that fear I’ve felt around my¬†greatest nemesis.

At least they didn’t play games,

they knew they wished harm upon me.

They, them, those people would disagree.

My nemesis could really care less,

what i think about them because they are,

brutally honest.

On the other hand, ‘they’ keep themselves

well sheltered from the rest of the world.

That’s it right? That sort of

out of sight, out of mind mentality.

We are all suspect of being human,

– compassion, love, feeling –

just a matter of how we decide to act

in front of each other that determines,

really, how truly genuine we are.

How elegant may humility become

when faced with the reality of our own