In The Quiet

It’s in the quiet

of a night

we have

our most critical thoughts.

We sometimes imagine

things we’re afraid

to tell others.

We have revelations,

cathartic moments,

anxious feelings,

where we feel like

suddenly we’re left

on our own.

Quite honestly,

though we have to

go with our instincts

realize that some

one is there,

rely upon them,

feel safe,

find peace of mind.

We have to know

we can reach out

now in that moment,

they’re probably waiting

for you.

The Waiting

Now it begins

the endless hours,

trying to define

wanting only to know.

We can’t always determine

outcomes that only exist

in our heads.


we find patience and virtue,

two tenets

that need to occur

in order to find

peace of mind.

There is a waiting

in all we do

as our heart

feels the ache of

wanting to find

that which gives us peace.

We must allow our lives

to live in harmony

so those wishes

we want

will become melody

in our song

Reach Out

Life takes turns

decides when to win

and how to struggle,

we choose our battles

in the manner we seek out

those close to us,

those foundations of security.

Sometimes its consequence

presents a nightmare

of vulnerability

we’d rather not experience,

so we shelter ourselves

around facades, stigma

a surface level hysteria

until we break,

we fall apart

we unravel

completely unaware

that someone dear

is ready to put all the pieces together

if we let them.

Life has those beautiful moments,

we just need to ask,

and that will be a wonderful lesson

learned in the most difficult way.

If we can reach out,

that presence will return.

Too Many Principles

Try to satisfy a need,

surrounding anxieties

seem to steep themselves

in quiet agonies.

What is collateral damage

piled upon lives

trying to dig out from under

artificial lives.

When suddenly passion

becomes front and center

lives slow down to a crawl,

as the mystique gathers.

Too many principles

life’s confusion too vulnerable.

Two Old Guys

He walked in

a little on his own,

surveying the room,

looking for the right spot,

seemed to take

a seat in consolation,

over by the window,

a little bright on the eyes.

Another table packed up and left.

He grabbed his coat,

and with ease made his way,

wrapped his coat around the chair,

seemed happy and satisfied,

on his own with a cell phone.

A few minutes go by,

another guy walks in,

same age and stature

and he pauses in front of the

settled gentleman

who looks up and points a finger

wry smile,

and the other too,

they have a banter,

he waits for him to get his coffee.

Sit together

share a little dialogue,

you know by looking at the two of them,

they’ve enjoyed these days for a long while.

Sensing Need

Ever had that happen,

when life delivers a signal,

but its presence

is subtle,

like asking for the car

with the keys already in hand.

Remember being a teenager,

and waiting for people to ask

“What’s wrong?”

“Are you ok?”

and the answer was often meant

to blow off the attention.

Sometimes we want to sit

with our affect

and be left alone.

Oh but there are those moments,

when the people we love

know something is amiss,

know that life is filled

with an obvious turmoil,

and helping out seems so

obscure to living out our

own pain.

Stop and think about it,

if you’re hurting,

reach out,

the right people will respond,

they always will …

always will.

1AM Stories

Laying in bed

a window cracked open

feeling the cool air

of winter.

Not sleeping yet

staring at the ceiling

listening to the walls

monotonous tap.

Thoughts are everywhere

wondering what next

feeling my breath

pass through my lungs.

Eyes open wandering

thinking this quiet moment

she might be awake

imagining the same.

In Morning’s Light

When eyes open

In morning’s light

Let soft shadows

Of dreams fade away.

All sorrows flow

So that happiness

Choose now to stay.

Oh such are those dreams

Make a waking day

Repel away.

Yet these now

In all their beauty

Lay soft on your pillow

Inhale sweet elixir

Of morning sunlight

In daylight dreams

Know there is love

Know we can feel our hearts.

Sweet Child

I held her in my arms

a baby just hours

into this complicated

world of ours.

Her eyes begging to open,

seeing a light,

causing a stir,

and her newborn smile.

My tears were real

following her eyes,

finding my daughter’s eyes –

oh the wonder of love.

I held her in my arms,

there is a quiet Grace

in the wonder of childbirth,

oh to be her grandfather.

I held her in my arms

my so humbling is love.

A Precious Love

Can only be found

in where the heart lays

soft and sudden

a lightheaded response

to knowing in that moment,

there is truth,

the love of a friend,

found again,

when all was lost

imagining life fading away,

and yet,

love happens when we

least expect such an outcome.

Oh I do pray

for that one day,

yet in the meantime,

as winter’s air give us chill,

I know warmth,

my heart fills

with a brief message for

my eyes alone.