Category: Simple Haiku

a dabbling of Haiku’s I ventured upon several months ago.

Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”


unwelcome advance ironic

still alone


a child sings

notes of melancholy

will the door open


I watched life

acting out, shedding values

damn it was fun


too late frantic

realizations of passion

kids will still cry


lamppost chatter

a warm summer evening

cold hearts


I wish to breathe

if might love be found

I wish to breathe


Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”

Papa’s Plum Tree – Carpe Diem #906 Ume-no-hana (ume flower)

We spoke near this place

where papa’s memory did store

signs of winter’s last trace


in papa’s name cherish

beauty in the form of white blossoms

the ice floes do perish


while a sunlit peace

suggests our open arms will guide

our lives toward a release


summertime and leisure

quiet memory of a fonder time

underneath our plum tree near


Carpe Diem #906 Ume-no-hana (ume flower)


sampling haiku

Weep quiet rains

A day’s meek internal task

Bathe in God’s lustre

Sky shadows sunrise

Tears spill gentle nature’s touch

Quiet earth moisture

What is important

In our lives is that moment


Where is my life now?

In one way I am the same

Working my passions.

My word is sacred

Though I would venture to say

Hopes are accurate

Good morning Sunshine

Beckon Grace to newer lands

Peace is her journey

Life is too damn short

To believe in fantasy

Relish upon real

Birds quiet whistle

Spring morning reacts in peace

Lovely alive thoughts

I saw a Robin

Dance across my lawn today

Sunlight spring alive

Oh, my word, my my,

It is a chilly chilly

Spring morning today

Birds chirping silence

My morning rests upon peace

Love is the answer

Sunlight streams in rooms

Energy to thrive upon

Gives solace a name

Sometimes the feelings

Generate unbound passion

So deliberate

Clear my senses

Intrigue the paths I choose now

Given the message

Heal my broken wing

Desire relents upon life

As we choose today

What is my summit?

That legacy you speak of

Relentless in pride

What am I waiting

For that beckons my yearning

Soul to navigate?

Bestow upon me

The beauty inherent now

In your lovely eyes

Reach out to touch love

And grasp that beauty of life.

Truth is your fortune.

Departures occur

Memory transcends human loss

Life is renewal