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Settle Me – Haiku

sweet sensory rhyme

while lives favor routine

security sublime


pattern of need

draws circles around truth

reality bleed


once in summer

every aspect of love

distant a drummer


I looked in their eyes

only to find dismissal

however blind


taken apart

piece by piece by peace

beauty is passion

Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”


unwelcome advance ironic

still alone


a child sings

notes of melancholy

will the door open


I watched life

acting out, shedding values

damn it was fun


too late frantic

realizations of passion

kids will still cry


lamppost chatter

a warm summer evening

cold hearts


I wish to breathe

if might love be found

I wish to breathe


Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”

Searching Haiku

Seventeen years old

frightened, confused, still alone

I wonder how long


when age begins to

speak vulnerability

eyes remain closed


recall philosophy

speaks of learning moments

we all begin today


once when I knew

who we became on that day

the bark peeled away


loose branches trip fall

the weight of our lives sway

within river’s crest


I stand alone with

only a memory without why

still seventeen today.