Scrambling My White Mind

When faced with the reality of my world, there has always been a driving force in me to do the right thing. Even in the midst of my many mistakes in life, I’ve found my vocation  as a teacher to be a wonderful resource for reaching the minds and hearts of young people with sound ideas, support and a safe space. I believe that the ability to make change in our own lives gives us the opportunity to provide that same chance to the people around us, the people we are close to, in this case, the children in my classroom.

I am reacting to an all day conference on restorative justice that I am attending with a group of colleagues in Portland for the weekend. As far as conferences go, today is another one that has caught me by surprise, similar to several I have attended over the summer. Thematically, the idea of social and racial justice has been important. Now I know those are key words that I am passionate about understanding and conceptualizing; however, this is a journey that began ardently for me over two years ago, and the ride just continues to get better.

Throughout my life I have been passionate about cultural awareness. Many times I have felt like the white guy trying to ride the cliche of a hero coming in to save the world. When I first became a teacher, I was going to be the multicultural advocate of the year, based simply upon the scripts I used to inspire my students on stage. Twenty five years later I continue to look for that script.

(to be continued)


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